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  1. M

    Mobile forum

    Hi everybody! As u may know that dotsis is down these days. So please suggest some other site where hacking of phones is explained. Thanks
  2. Renny

    Ethical hacking courses.

    Are there any good Ethical Hacking course centers in Bangalore? And also please mention the fees and duration.
  3. rajwansh2003

    Remote Hacking possible!!!

    I want to know that if my computer is in shutdown position(power is on) can it be accessed by other user still. I am using broadband it can be of any provider.All the cables are still connected. If yes how?
  4. achutes

    14 yr old kid in the field of Computers,Security

    I need help to chose my career in the field of computers ,I am currently a 15 yr old kid who runs a blog @ http://techgeektricks.blogspot.com/ and I want to know that what career path i must choose :) .I like hacking ,[i can do some little hacking but not serious hacking :( ] . i also like...
  5. P

    how to learn hacking

    can u all suggest me the way to learn hacking plzz i love it
  6. cyber

    is hacking skills necessary?????????

    well i recently saw in a paper that some company is going to teach how to hack(educational purpose).do u think it is necessary.i mean it can even be used in a bad way????????????????????
  7. S

    A really good website (shameless self plug ;) )

    Hi guys I have just created a website <snip> with this goal- Please criticize and contribute. Thanks.
  8. H

    My first ever hacking...(succesful)

    Just 5 min b4 this post, i made a $20 account with co.cc for free... but i deleted it. just wanted to try it the old method worked or not. the return ="xxxxxxxx" way. just like the old rapidshare hacking.... even now sites with ssl protection(the one i mentioned) is vulnerable to such problems...
  9. P

    Plz send hacking software link

    Plz send latest ip hacking software through mail
  10. george101

    Indian hacker brain behind biggest cyber-heist

    An unknown Indian hacker is being charged with the greatest cyber-heist in history for allegedly helping a criminal gang steal identities of an estimated eight million people in a hacking raid that could ultimately net more than £2.8 billion in illegal funds. visit...
  11. A

    Search for Passwords with Google Search Engine

    It's a great one but works limited, it would take a long essay to discuss here., pls visit my blog to know this trick for hacking.. though this is not legel link removed
  12. dheeraj_kumar

    Is your son a computer hacker?

    got it from http://www.techsupportforum.com/relaxation-room/offline/34201-your-son-computer-hacker.html Read this, you'll love it :) In the end you'll be like OMGWTFBBQ :D Trust me:cool:
  13. L


    Friends can u please suggest me some forums/websites regarding hacking, dos and viruses
  14. dashang

    looking for ebook ethical guide to mobile hacking

    Can anyone fing ths book "ethical guide to mobile hacking" please reply
  15. dashang

    looking for ebook ethical guide to mobile hacking

    Guys i m looking 4 ebook ethical guide to mobile hacking I searched everywhere u name it google, rapidhare search file sites If anyone can get this e-book than it will be great " ethical guide to mobile hacking "
  16. a_k_s_h_a_y

    Review My Website !

    I have been working on this !! check out my site and let me know how it is http://www.akshayy.com/sonyericsson/ its about SE hacking .. the content in there takes hell of time !! let me know your suggestions and comments ! Thanks !!
  17. L

    Share ur views in Hacking Administrator Password

    HI guys/glz.. Express ur views in hacking admin password by a limited user..with software or without software. Send ur ideas
  18. C

    Anyone knows hacking??

  19. adithyagenius

    Was my forum account hacked?

    The time zone has changed in options. Was this due to some forum updates or hacking?
  20. iMav

    ethical hacking course

    i had read looooong time ago about a govt certified ethical hacking course but i cant find nething regarding it can ne1 help me out ...
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