1. Vyom

    Mr. Robot: An ongoing cyberpunk–thriller drama television series

    So, I have been following this show and it's supposedly very accurate to the world of hacking that television have ever manage to produce. First a little detail about the show: Mr. Robot Plot from IMDb: Follows a young computer programmer (Malek) who suffers from social anxiety disorder and...
  2. dalbir

    Phone hacking

    Can we hack someones phone and ones phone details?
  3. Anorion

    Newly uncovered components of a digital surveillance tool used by more than 60 governments worldwide

    Researchers Find and Decode the Spy Tools Governments Use to Hijack Phones | Threat Level | WIRED
  4. N

    In which digit issue was backtrack included?

    Please tell me which in digit DVD was backtrack included? Latest one should be preferred. Very important.... Please reply as soon as possible.
  5. Flash

    Swedish Court Gives Pirate Bay Founder Two Year Sentence

    Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, one of the founders of the Pirate Bay file sharing site, has been found guilty of multiple hacking and fraud charges and has been sentenced to two years in prison by a Swedish court. The Nacka District Court convicted Warg of carrying out a hacking attack against the...
  6. Ironman

    Some Ethical Hacking Places i can Go ?

    i am searching for some active forums where people talk about ethical hacking and stuff can you guys point me to some forums ?:razz:
  7. P

    Exclusive Webinar series for Thinkdigit members

    Hi, On popular demand, we are starting a Webinar series on some of most sought after topics. The first webinar will cover - Ethical Hacking : 28th September, 1500-1600 Hours ( Register Here ) The webinar will provide a basic understanding of what is involved in ethical hacking. The free...
  8. Desmond

    One Secret That Stops Hackers: Girlfriends

    According to this article : Posted via Mobile Device
  9. r4gs

    Preview and Feedback [July 2012]

    Automate your life! Automate Everything! Procrastinators, distracted souls, and anyone who is pro-convenience! This cover story is just for you. Say goodbye to tedious, repetitive tasks and automate everything. We show you how to automate everything from your PC to Mobile to Torrents to...
  10. S

    How to stop a hacker at Facebook?

    Heyy Everyone, A hacker is constantly hacking my cousin's facebook account,he is sending random messages with severe abuses to known relatives/close friends and also he is posting on wall by hacking his Account,how to stop him?
  11. dalbir

    hacking of webdam

    is this possible to hack the others webcam it their computers are off?
  12. ithehappy

    How to remove a file/trojan? Urgent

    Hey guys I've done a silly mistake. An email from some idiot came into my Ymail and it subjected as 'you look so goofy in this picture' and I though someone playing with my photo. I downloaded the attachment came in the email, extracted it and it was an .exe file named as IMG958, and there I did...
  13. G

    Embedded Linux

    Hi guys :-D Can someone with knowledge on embedded computing throw some light on embedded linux and how significant is opportunities in it. I am pretty much intrested in harware hacking but dont know where to start to build devices like these especially RTOS
  14. T

    Need help on Cyber Security courses in India

    Hi , I'm working in mid tier software company as a application support engineer have 13 months of experience .I wish to get become Online Security Analyst I'm looking for some certification which can help me become "Online Security Analyst " I'm Basically looking for some cost...
  15. B

    Advance java & Ethical hacking

    I am planning to do course in advance java & ethical hacking in hyderabad can you suggest me some good institute?
  16. Ron

    College Lan

    In my college, all the rooms are connected by lan Cabel. I m provided with a proxy address to browse sites..Moreover there is DC++ installed to share files in the network Everythin like social networking sites, torrent, messnagers are blocked ... I want tutorials on networkin hacking..So i...
  17. jayantr7

    [book]The secret of hacking

    i saw this book's ad on the mag<--The secret of hacking i am looking forward to buy this book....howz it??has anyone tried it??plz tell me... and what all will we learn from that??can it be ordered by cash-on-delivery[i think it shud].......is it worth buying??
  18. sxyadii

    Need Institute for Ethical Hacking Course !!!

    Hello frnds,can you tell me which is best institute for learning Ethical Hacking Course????plz
  19. manistar

    how can i report hackers and malicious sites?

    Hi Frnds, My webpage is hacked and later i could restore it with the help of hosting company. i could find the culprits from logs how can i report hackers and websites that promotes illegal hacking the following website hacked my website w w w.Pro-Hack.info w w w.fx0.name sprithunter.c...
  20. A

    Buying book on hacking

    Hey guys I have been looking at the advertisement in the digit mag of the hacking book "the secret of hacking" giving digit subscribers 26% discount. I wanted to know is it a good package. Has anyone of u guys tried it? I m really interested in learning a little bit of hacking. Please tell me...
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