1. sam_738844

    What 20 Years Mean to Technology Journalism, MUST READ

    I believe at some point of time, everyone needs to read this. I mention this read specially to ThinkDigit group, all its former and current members, admins, mods, people who have put efforts and time in their lives to congregate a group of curious minds into a tech forum that has lived through...
  2. Nanducob

    Anybody interested in Internet Download Manager bulk purchase

    UPDATE (Just for those who missed the deal or wondering how it went. The final price was $ 12.95 $ per licence and 40 backers.( 50% off the base price $24.95) Group buy is now over.Thanks for looking. Payment Deadline June 7 UPDATE Now its 14.95$ per licence since we have 30 + licences.Also...
  3. D

    Let's make an TDF Whatsapp Group

    Hey guys, Please signup for Whatsapp Group here. SIGNUP
  4. zegulas

    How to increase the group limit of whatsapp to more than 100?

    Hello friends, Currently whatsapp has a group limit of 100, but for some specific scenarios we do require creating a group of more than 100 members. There were a few articles which mentioned increasing the limit in one of its configuration xml file. But it seems to have been patched with the...
  5. meetdilip

    Home network software

    I am having trouble with ipv6 enabling for Windows 7 home group joining. I was able to create a home group but other PCs are not able to join. Is there any good alternative to Windows Home Group ?
  6. T

    Copy (not move) email messages to offline folders in MS Outook

    We have our office email that everyone visits on their PC through its web interface. I've configured outlook to only view these messages. I manually copy them one by one or group by group depending on the sender/type of message. But with the passage of time, its becoming cumbersome to manually...
  7. A

    Audiophilia: Meetup group for audiophiles

    I've started a Meetup group for audiophiles. It is absolutely free. Members of this forum are welcome to join the group and make it their own. Link: Audiophilia (Audiophile Heaven) - Also, feel free to join the Whatsapp group. Send a request to +91-9910623813. Thank You...
  8. G

    This is why Times of India is pro-Congress, Jain brothers owe their wealth to Gandhis

    This is why Times of India is pro-Congress, Jain brothers owe their wealth to Gandhis TOI' history: - Born in British hands. - Handed over to a corrupt person (who did first scam in India). - Next gen resorted black marketing. - Rewarded by Indira for their dubious nature. - Now...
  9. Nanducob

    US-Bangladesh blogger Avijit Roy hacked to death

    Avijit Roy, an atheist who advocated secularism, was attacked as he walked back from a book fair with his wife, who was also hurt in the attack. No-one has been arrested but police say they are investigating a local Islamist group that praised the killing. Hundreds of people gathered in Dhaka...
  10. theserpent

    AL-Qaeda-Final battle in India

    Al-Qaeda making terror inroads into India, says report | Deccan Chronicle Their plan will fail
  11. GhorMaanas

    a free, cross-platform app more suited for group-chat, and allowing PC sync & use

    [Solved!] x-pfm (incldng Win PC) apps for grp-chat, or/and using whatsapp on ph. & pc simultaneously Hello! am in need of an app for android, that: - lets me create a particular group, name the group and/or tweak settings for the group - can be accessed from PC too (Win 8.1), so that if am...
  12. sling-shot

    WhatsApp - Some doubts

    I have been using WhatsApp in Android for sometime now. I have the following doubts/irritants. If anyone has solutions for these please suggest. How to send / forward the same message to multiple recipients in one go? How to clear the message database without removing the group information?
  13. Sankalp Tripathi

    Issues downloading files (mostly pdf's) form Facebook.Please help

    Hello Digitians,I have joined a small group of Upsc aspirants.Admin of the group posts useful stuff for fellow members.But every now and then ,i am unable to download those files.Most of them are scanned .pdf files.Many members are fcing same problem.Of course he has no idea why this happens...
  14. R

    Could anyone recommend me a website where I can create a shared mailbox ?

    Hello to all, Could anyone recommend me a website where I can create a shared mailbox ? I need to open something like e-mail group for our students group at university, where wee could share links, documents etc. Thanks in advance for any advices, RabiYa
  15. S

    Buying My first Camera- Suggestions please

    Hi All, I want to buy Nikon D3100. Please let me know is it a good choice or is there any alternate for this in same price group. I am thinking to order it in, please advise is it good? better to buy in showroom? thanks in advance.
  16. krishnandu.sarkar

    How Indian Android Device Manufacturers are Fooling and Misleading You

    How Indian Android Device Manufacturers are Fooling and Misleading You
  17. nikufellow

    Anybody interested in a TDF group on WhatsApp?

    Well the title says it all, if anyone interested pm me their number OR create one and post here I'll pm you mine OR if something similar already exists consider adding me too OR if this post break any rules bare with me and do what needs to be done Edit : please vote in the poll, the group...
  18. RCuber

    Age Group of TDF Gamers

    Just a small poll. let see who is the majority.
  19. thetechfreak

    3D-printed consumer electronics just became a reality!

    Source 3D-printed consumer electronics just became a reality | ExtremeTech Full article at link above.
  20. dalbir

    Diwali Wishes

    I wish HAPPY DIWALI to all the members of the group.....
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