US-Bangladesh blogger Avijit Roy hacked to death


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Avijit Roy, an atheist who advocated secularism, was attacked as he walked back from a book fair with his wife, who was also hurt in the attack.
No-one has been arrested but police say they are investigating a local Islamist group that praised the killing.
Hundreds of people gathered in Dhaka to mourn the blogger's death.
Mr Roy's family say he received threats after publishing articles promoting secular views, science and social issues on his Bengali-language blog, Mukto-mona (Free Mind)
A group of men ambushed the couple, who live in the US and were visiting Dhaka only to attend the book festival, as they walked toward a roadside tea stall.
At least two of the attackers hit the couple with meat cleavers in the attack on Thursday evening, police chief Sirajul Islam told AP news agency.
Dropping their weapons, the attackers ran away, disappearing into the crowds.
Police told the BBC they were investigating a local hard-line religious group that had praised the killing in an online message.
Ajay Roy, father of the dead man, urged the authorities to find the killers and "ensure exemplary punishment.
source: US-Bangladesh blogger Avijit Roy hacked to death - BBC News


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although i don't subscribe to that line of thought, but its a fact that our neighbouring countries are more of isis-ghettos than actual nations! no one with a differing view is safe; heck, not even in pockets here (the 1st incident that came to my mind upon seeing the title of the thread was the chopping off of the hands of a teacher in Kerala)! IMO Roy should've changed his country and got his whole family shifted to someplace/nation else, the moment he started receiving death-threats. no sense in continuing with a false sense of uprightness/bravado or i-don't-care attitude when you are outnumbered and outgunned.


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What has happened to the world around us. Every one has only one way to prove his ideology right that is only by hurting others.


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the evil ones are making merry and increasing their count, while the supposedly good ones are shaking their heads and standing meekly at some higher pedestal with their bowls of kindness, liberty, equality, peace in their hands, only showering graceful random 'criticising statements'.
i was so elated and the same time so drastically shameful when i read King Abdullah's fiery response to the Jordanian pilot's murder. elated and excited at his determination, and shameful after thinking how the pusillanimous politicians of this country (and some others like britain, etc.) & the 'peace-brigades', the utlra-pacifists/apologists/liberalists respond/would've responded! continue with such drab farce, and see the world's innocents bleed more-and-more!


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^Yeah there's a lot of such guys in media and some nonsensical politicians who switch roles between aggressors and apologists for some particular sides which suit their agenda.
They will selectively ignore deeds of ISIS,Boko Haram and the suffering of Kurds and other people in Iraq.These guys came out in full support for Palestine without any fact-checking,making out as if Israel was the villain ignoring what Hamas was doing to them also ignoring that Israel wasn't the one to start.
Then there are idiots like Obama who takes a nonsensical jibe at India for maybe some stupid agenda but neither can say a thing about oppression in Saudi Arabia when he visits there nor does he say much substantially negative about the way things are/were in Pakistan,Bangladesh and some middle-east countries.Charles Krauthammer blasted him well.


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don't know what to say, except that instead of being reactive (with knee-jerk responses), its high-time already that the approach should be to be proactive and launch brutal offensives against this menace of radicalisation! and this ilk of backward-bending gymnasts always trying to 'balance out' things in apologist-mode by preaching to look at ourselves before judging others, these should be thrown right amidst the battlestorm or locked up somewhere in seclusion and isolation! its damn high time that we stop looking for shades of grey!

P.S. - though i thought Obama had spoken in good spirit here without any ill-intention, in that excitement of all the fanfare and with perhaps genuine concern owing to the similar heritage of mixed cultures and democracy between the 2 countries, but then the democrats are not known to be any better. it was amusing to note the vandalism that took place in US at some temples after his return (the Swastik graffitti with 'Muslims get out' writings took the cake! the 'murikkan stupidity is legendary!). didn't know about what transpired in his Saudi visit. Charles' statements were interesting and well-said!
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