1. mikael_schiffer

    Need> Camera centric Android phone below Rs20k

    Need> Camera centric Android phone below Rs20k Need an Android phone below Rs20,000 (or anything in that area) with the best picture quality,compared to near rivals. Should be good screen anywhere between 4.5" to 5" inch but not beyond that (dont want phablet sized) Any brand will do...
  2. K

    Need Work+Gaming Laptop. 35-50k

    1) What is your budget? Upto 50k. Can go upto 55k if it's worth it 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen Weight not an issue. Lighter the better though ofcourse 3) What are the primary tasks will you be performing with this notebook Work...
  3. sc3n3l0v3r

    Suggest me a LED FULL HD TV for a budget of 35K~38K

    Guys !! Kindly suggest me a LED TV for a budget 35K~38K(max) Strictly budget constraint!! Requirements :- *Support 1080p Resolution * USB Playback (Video's in Maximum for mat will be great) * HDMI Port * Wifi not necessary * Picture Quality should be great. * Presently Normal Set...
  4. ico

    Small Survey. Filling it up will be of great help. :) Thanks.

    Small survey. Filling it up will be of great help. Thanks. :) *
  5. C

    Switch to moto g or stay with XM?

    So here's the deal. I bought myself a Xperia m August last year (posting from it actually) and was pretty disappointed by the fact that internal memory was just 2gb. I couldn't get any of the larger games on it.. :-(.. Music quality was a great letdown too. Anyway, now that the moto g is...
  6. vijju6091

    Steam Holiday Sales Begins guys.

    Now this is Holiday time and Steam is giving away great games for cheap prices. Have Bought any? If no then jump in because this great time to get few games and keep yourself busy for Days.. i bought Three games 1)The Stanley Parable 2) Dead Island 3)Torchlight II What about you guys ...
  7. S

    should i buy xolo tegra note?

    I am planning to buy a new tablet, basically for reading books and gaming. Nexus 7 is great for reading books and tegra note is great for gaming. I am confused what i should buy.
  8. patkim

    help me choose between TPLink MR3020 and MR 3220

    Hi.. am likely to buy a 3G Router and have shortlisted these two MR 3220 & MR 3020 from TP Link. Both are N150 & specs indicate compatibility with my Tata photon huawei EC156. While I personally liked 3020 as it's compact and like a travel companion, it has internal antenna. If anyone has...
  9. Nipun

    Happy Birthday Jassi!

    Happy Birthday to our great forum member, Jaskanwar!! :-D
  10. A

    Nexus 5 available in LG Brand Shop

    Available in LG Brandshop over the counter for 29000/-! I saw big banner and entered. Manager confirmed availability. Just bought the LG G2 for 41000/- two days ago! But G2 has great feaures that will be lost if you flash a bare bones aosp nexus type custom rom. So quite happy.
  11. akhilc47

    Programming sites like spoj and Text book for data structures and algorithms

    Hi guys, I posted couple of months back asking which book to buy for studying c programming and you guys suggested " c programming language " by dennis ritchie. It turned out to be a great book(only 130 bucks too!!) and now I'm able to solve programs from friend suggested this). Is...
  12. vickybat

    Relocating to chennai

    Gonna relocate to Chennai soon coz of job. Any Chennai guys in TDF? Would be great to know some people.:)
  13. S

    Thin and lightweight laptop for work - high res screen and great battery life needed

    hi guys, My requirement is very different from the stuff you generally see ;) I'm looking for a thin and light laptop for work. I'm not interested in gaming (sorry guys!!), but need something with great battery life and great screen resolution. Now, I cant spend as much otherwise I would...
  14. S

    want high-end android phone under 35K :D !!!!!

    i am looking for best android phone. priorities : 1) GAMING 2) excellent screen for ( videos , movies ) 3) MUSIC 4) camera 5) net suffering , FB , watssapp , apps .etc.... 6) Great looking ( atleast ) so...
  15. T

    Best laptop of 14 inch with great battery life and light weight under 45k?

    I want to buy a laptop of 14inch with light wieght and great battery life and budget is around max(45k).
  16. S

    Need A Gaming Mouse In A Budget Of 3.5k

    Hi guys I want to buy a good wired gaming mouse in a budget of 3.5k. I want decent looks and great performance from it.
  17. R

    need good quality andriod phone from good brand with in 20k

    Hello Friends, i am looking for a good android phone from good brands. My budget is 15k and can extend maximum to 20k if it is quite a good mobile. my requirements are 1. screen size----> less than 5 inch 2. Dual SIM---> Not mandatory 3. Screen quality--> better display and would be great if...
  18. R

    Need Suggestion to buy compact Camera with budget of 25k?

    Hi All, I'm planning to buy a camera with in budget of 25k. I've browsed, saw lot of cameras & their reviews. End of my research what I've got is "Confusion". So I found this website finally & thought some one can help! Things I'm looking for: (In priority order) 1. Indoor low light...
  19. rider

    Laptop for 55k

    My friend is looking to purchase a new laptop with these desired requirements. 1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) - 55,000 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Mainstream 15" - 16" screen 3) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you really don't like? a...
  20. M

    Sony MDR-XB400 vs Sennheiser HD 202 II

    I have a Dell Inspiron 15R 5520. I want headphones for my movies. All I am looking for is great sound quality. I'll use them exclusively for my movies. Which among the two is best?
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