Steam Holiday Sales Begins guys.


Living to Play
I bought 3 games as well

1. Counter Strike Global Offensive
2. Far Cry 3
3. Hard Reset

Bioshock Complete pack is at really nice price of $14.99 for all three games in the series but don't include season pass DLC for Bioshock Infinite. The discount id 80% BTW.


Living to Play
What are the payment options since I haven't yet purchased any game from steam.

Credit Cards or Paypal works best.
I use VCC of Entropay as I don't have CC.

BTW bought 2 games
Dead Island and DLCs
Dead Island Reptile and DLCs


Living to Play
Good Deals

1. Deus Ex Human Revolution Director'd Cut - 75%
2. Sleeping Dogs Collection -- 80%
3. Far Cry 3 -- 75%
4. Counter Strike Global Offensive -- 75%
5. Total War Games -- 75%


Feeling Gravity
Tempting to get Deus EX HR but I have console version so Is it worth to get Directors cut ???
Dont know
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