1. amitabhishek

    Here comes HTC Hero

    Out of nowhere HTC delivers this phone & Wow!!! What a great looking phone (er... except for that chin)!!! This Android phone finally syncs with MS Exchange!!! HTC has also finally decided to go in for 3.5 mm jack. The sense UI is slightly "Pre"ish and looks great. Eagerly awaiting its launch...
  2. rajivnedungadi

    64 bit Intel PC

    Can someone suggest me an Intel based 64 bit processor and a motherboard etc? What would be the price of the same. It would be great if a model number is suggested.
  3. rahul_jaiswal31

    mObile under 6.5k

    Please suggest a cell phone having good quality mp3 sound & camera. It should have great looks!! It will be great if posted with pic. Thanks in advance :!:
  4. Dishant

    i want a invitation code

    hi guys...i dunno if this is the right place for this post but i need an invitation code for if somebody can provide me'll be great... thanks n regards bye
  5. M

    Recommend me some WW 1 games !!!!!!

    Plz recommend me some games of world war 1 era ....i tried searching but I havent found any ....Or games from other theatres of war of WW2 like the Russia-Finland winter war or those in north africa There used to be this great game on the Russo-Japanese war of the 1890s and was mostly naval...
  6. R

    Suggetions needed for a laptop

    hello guys, my friend needs to buy a new laptop. his budget is 50k...can stretch up to 60k if its really worth it. its for gaming and general use. he will be buying it from Riyadh,KSA hence would be great if you ppl can suggest models(not brands) that are not available in India. thank you
  7. E

    North Korean propaganda.

    Hi All, Just wanted to share this with you. * While the propaganda machinery seems to be full on, I wonder how much of it is really true. Anyways njoy the slideshow ;). One thing I noticed is that there are really few ppl around...
  8. R

    how to run mysql server 2005??

    I have installed mysql server 2005. How can i use DDL and DML query commands in MS mysql server 2005 you advice will be of great help to me
  9. abhimanyu1401

    Social Networking Site Creator!!! HOT!!

    Hi everyone... travelling through the net.... I managed to find myself on the site.... * and then... guess what? It's a social networking site creator...and ABSOLUTELY FREE!! You can customize your site... with photos and videos and even a Jukebox... and Chat! Its a great way...
  10. PCWORM

    Does anyone fancy Sony ericsson IDOU?

    I stumbled upon this phone at gsmarena... looks like a great phone... thoughts? * ------ * ------
  11. K

    Spice S930 - Truly Amazing?

    HI, Anyone -- please provide reviews on Spice S930 mobile. cud u pls get reviews on S930 is it dependable? Features are great for that price Rs.7999/- Regards, Knight (from Bangalore)
  12. amitabhishek

    Awesome : Check out

    HEMA is a Dutch department store. The first store opened on November 4, 1926, in Amsterdam. Now there are 150 stores all over the Netherlands. Take a look at HEMA's product page. You can't order anything (it's in Dutch, anyway) but just wait a couple of seconds and watch what happens. Don't...
  13. F

    Learn Good English - Great Site

    * Have a Look and Let post your feeds
  14. S

    MASM tutorial

    Hey guys, could you pls help me with a free MASM tutorial download links pls??? It would be a great help!
  15. Kl@w-24

    Happy Birthday to gagandeep, Roadripper, pratik03, parasharenator, Kenshin & others!

    Happy Birthday guys!! Have a great day! :D
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