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Moto ATRIX 2 Data Connectivity Issue


Hi All,

I am back after long time. Hope all the old members are doing good. I has purchased a Moto Atrix 2 in Sep 2012. I updated the OS to ICS yesterday. Now I cant use GPRS. I check the "Data Enabled" option in "Data Usage" but the GPRS doesn't work. I tried using 3G as well but the same issue. Then I googled it. Found most of the solutions related to AT&T network and how folks have tried to resolve it. I tried all those steps but no go. I added new APNs, went to Flight Mode and came back to normal but no help. Can anyone help me figure out what to do? Or if any ATRIX 2 users who faced the same issue?


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welcome back. long time really :D

well you flashed the official indian version of the OS or one made for US? i don't think you can roll back to GB officially. so either flash/apply the ICS update again or its time you join the custom rom party.
btw heard about Atrix2 getting JB update at Verizon. check if any beta build is released for international version.


Hey thanks Sam for the Welcome!!!:D..ok..I don't know which version it is. But when I checked the update options in the System this was the only one. Again not sure if its the Indian version or US version. But I think you may be right. I gotta join the Custom ROM party. Gotta find out which are good for ATRIX 2.
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