1. ratul

    New Google Logo? Do you like it? (POLL)

    Source: Google has a new logo | The Verge
  2. ithehappy

    Can you guys open

    As the title asks, could you guys open that website? I can't for past few days, on Google's DNS! I need to use Tor to open that. On BSNL connection. Thanks.
  3. mohit9206

    Android is taking over the world: 80% of all smartphones run Google's OS

    Android is taking over the world: 80% of all smartphones run Google's OS
  4. thetechfreak

    Google Considering 'Wireless Balloons' to Deliver Internet to Countries

    Source: Google Considering 'Wireless Balloons' to Deliver Internet to Countries | News & Opinion | Full article in the link above.
  5. S

    Google's LG Nexus coming to India by November end

    Source : Google's LG Nexus to be launched in India by end of November - Tech News - IBNLive
  6. tech_boy

    iOS vs. Android

    Which is better Apple's niche iOS or Google's open source Android?

    how to include googles api

    im planning to do a simple android app. take input as voice. convert to text and read out the converted text for input im planning to use the googles speech to text.but dont have an idea how to use it. can anyone plz help
  8. U

    Alternatives of GMAIL???

    Hi to one and all As the topic suggests which is the good and best alternative for google's gmail. Ps:exclude yahoo mail from the list.
  9. buddyram

    Social Networks join together to chide Google!!!

    Facebook, Twitter and Myspace engineers have devised a software add-on for browsers which negates the effect of Google's alteration of its search results to favour its own Google+ social network – with a piece of code they call "Don't be evil". This would surpass the google's search strategy...
  10. socrates

    Android malware explodes, jumps five-fold since July

    Android malware explodes, jumps five-fold since July - Computerworld
  11. Garbage

    Google's first store pops up in London

    Source - Google's first store pops up in London | News
  12. KDroid

    Google set to introduce Dart, a new structured programming language

  13. paroh

    Google's new operating system to take on Microsoft

    SUN VALLEY, Idaho - Google Inc. is working on a new operating system for inexpensive computers in a daring attempt to wrest away Microsoft Corp.'s long-running control over people's computing experience. The new operating system, announced late...
  14. naveen_reloaded

    Was Google Hacked?

    :shock::shock::shock::shock::arrow: Perhaps you may have noticed the seas boiling red with blood, the whore of Babylon rising, and the Antichrist roaming the Earth, strewing carnage in his wake. That's because Google (GOOG) crashed this morning. Yes, you read that right: Google went down...
  15. gary4gar

    E-mails sent from my Domain is being marked as spam/junk

    Hi, This is the strange thing i have noticed. Whenever i send any e-mail i send from my domain( does not reach inbox of indented recipient unless he adds me to his contacts/While List. It goes to SPAM/JUNK folder, instead:o I have observed this behavior with Google's...
  16. Pat

    Google's Android developers thinking about abandoning Android?

    Google's strict code of secrecy may work fine for protecting its internal operations. But the company isn't ingratiating itself to software developers by keeping major updates to its Android mobile software platform locked away in a Mountain View dungeon. Now, even those developers once very...
  17. G

    Google's biggest threat to Itself

    For More: *
  18. desiibond

    Google's mapping service on 3,500 Internet enabled gasoline pumps across the US

    Lost drivers soon will be able to Google for help at the pump.As part of a partnership to be announced Wednesday, the online search leader will dispense driving directions at thousands of gasoline pumps across the United States beginning early next month. The pumps, made by Gilbarco Veeder-Root...
  19. Gigacore

    Linux To Power Google GPhone?

    One thing which hasn't been nailed down in all the reports about Google's expected mobile phone announcement is exactly what operating system will run the thing. Turns out, it could be Linux. That'd be a huge boost for the open-source OS. Reports that Linux would be at the heart of Google's...
  20. anandk

    Is It OK that Google Owns Us?

    "Make no mistake, Google owns you. The ways in which it owns you are laid out in a complaint filed by EPIC (Electronic Privacy Information Center) and other privacy groups with the Federal Trade Commission over Google's proposed merger with targeted advertising company DoubleClick. Here's the...
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