1. bssunilreddy

    Power Supply Suggestion Thread(update 2019)

    Hai, Power Supply Suggestion thread 2017-18 Link for PSU Tier List - best file hosting solution, with no limits, totaly free Source:PSU Tier List (India) - Google Sheet Table created by chimera201+ Edit: Jan 2019
  2. Cyberghost

    You won’t need Xbox Live Gold to play online on Windows 10

    You won’t need Xbox Live Gold to play online on Windows 10 Microsoft has confirmed that playing online games on Windows 10, including cross-play titles, won’t require Xbox Live Gold. Integrating the Xbox platform into Windows 10 will not result in users needing to pay for an Xbox Live...
  3. R

    Everything you need to know about the iPhone 5S

    [VIDEO]Everything you need to know about the iPhone 5S iPhone 5S - Everything you need to know Introduction The Apple iPhone is starting to look a little weak in comparison to the rest of the High-spec phones around it and along with all the rumours, we’re now getting close to the launch...
  4. ankush28

    iphone 5S with 128GB storage, GOLD, ArmV8 64-bit processor soon...

    According to times of india, macTOus, The new iphone 5S will come with lots of new features like 128GB of huge storage and will be powered by a ArmV8 processor. it will also available in GOLD colour ;) sources:- iPhone 5S in gold colour spotted in leaked photo - The Times of India...
  5. Ironman

    PSU Question (in a hurry)

    My System i7 4770k + z87 pro + 8 gb ram +CM CPU cooler + NZXT Phantom 410 + GPU like 7970 (After a few months) So i first selected Corsair HX 650 but the price is too high i think around 8k Q1.Should i stick with 650 w or should i lower it to 550w or 500w ? Q2.If i stay in 650w...
  6. Extreme Gamer

    Need parts suggestions for business PCs and server

    Please take a look at these configs and answer my questions. Server PC Processor Intel Xeon 1245V2 Motherboard Supermicro X9SAE-V RAM KVR1333D3E9S/4G x2 PSU ?? HDD1 WD Caviar Black 500GB HDD2 WD Caviar Black 2TB x2 RAID 1 ODD Cheap DVD-RW Case Lian Li PC-6B...
  7. T

    KB + Mouse for 6-6.5K

    pals, need a Mechanical KB and a gud mouse for gaming, i dont play online,, but like FPS games a lot.... dont play rpg games planning for CM Storm Recon? & TVS-e gold? suggestions r welcome.... ne thing better for the price welcome. thanx... angel

    Help required. urgent.

    hello all. people please help me. please download Age of Empire game onto your android device and install it. it is a 17 mb game. it asks you a code upon installation. please enter 5419993290. this is my code.Both you and I get 5 gold coins in the game. i am in urgent requirement of gold. the...
  9. Champ

    Suggestions regarding Gold Battery

    Hi, My 2 year old Galaxy S2's battery has started showing signs of aging Many times phone shuts offs while returning from office. Was browsing ebay found this Replacement Extended Gold battery 2450mAh For Samsung Galaxy S2 SII i9100 | eBay Seller says that its a higher capacity battery...
  10. C

    CoolerMaster Silent Pro Gold 800w

    CM Silent Pro Gold 800W All cables available Location Mumbai Price- Rs.5500/- for Mumbai,Pune buyers Rs.6000/-shipped for Rest of india
  11. Adibaba

    Vip 500w gold help

    Hey guyz i gotta VIP 500w gold smps and Amd x4 955,asus M4A88TD,1tb,1 dvd rw drive. Will my smps suffice Ati 6670. If not which graphic card should i go for.Well would love to play the latest games for the next year or so. All help is much appreciated. thank you
  12. Jaskanwar Singh

    Sapphire Select Club Promotions Thread

    All those who have a Sapphire Product might have already registered at Sapphire Select Club. Or those who haven't, go about it fast. Because free promotions are waiting for Gold Members :)) So lets discuss about those promotions here and whether someone...
  13. masterkd

    [Giveaway] GOG Empire Earth: Gold Edition

    GOG is giving away Empire Earth: Gold Edition. Pick it up before 14th December 10:59 GMT Get Empire Earth: Gold Edition Free!
  14. Skyh3ck

    Extract Gold and Silver from Pocessors....

    Read this... Interesting article In Pictures: Tom's Hardware Recovers Gold And Silver From CPUs - Meet Our Mountain Of CPUs
  15. coderunknown

    Nokia launches C3-01 Gold Edition (or dumb edition)

    lets start with the specs: 240 x 320 pixels, 2.4 inches resistive touchscreen ~100 g HSDPA up to 10.2 Mbps and HSUPA up to 2 Mbps WLAN b/g/n 5 MP fixed-focus camera + LED flash MicroSD card slot with support for up to 32GB here whats luxurious about it: 18-carat gold plating...
  16. andcha

    Advice for buying a Plasma or LED Tv 46-50 Inches

    Hey Guys & Gurlz I am planning to buy a TV and am confused between Plasma and LED TV. My requirements are as follow? 1. Should be Full HD (1920 x 1080) 2. Screen size should be maximum, preferably between 46-50 inches, won't mind even 55 inches. 3. Will be used mostly for a) Movies b)...
  17. RishiGuru

    Norge 1000 GOLD+Sony SS-GN88D Speakers(My new PC audio seup)

    Norge 1000 GOLD + Sony SS-GN88D This my new PC audio setup. These Sony SS-GN88D bookshelves speakers belongs to a Sony Mini-Hifi System MHC-GN77D that a guy bought six years back at Rs.28,000/--. This guy is a total noob in audio department, and sold these speakers to me at...
  18. M

    TVSE Gold keyboard...

    I am going for new K/B. Usage is normal typing and gaming. I don't want to spend much (1-1.5k max). I want to try mechanical K/B. Is TVSE Gold worth this?
  19. rahul.007

    urgent advice on pc....

    just about to buy a new pc for my relative... probably tomorrow or day after.... (max budget 27k non stretchable).... have zeroed on this.... the pc is for his 10 year old son who will play gta sa and nfs carbon.... will get each n everything except cabby n psu from smc.... Athlon II X2...
  20. T

    Free MediaMonkey Gold 3.2 Giveaway

    Day 7 of TechPP Mega Christmas Giveaway has MediaMonkey Gold free licenses up for grabs. MediaMonkey Gold is an ultimate music manager solution and considered as an iTunes alternative. Hope you find it interesting!
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