1. ratul

    Kali 2.0 "Sana" Launched

    So, what’s new in Kali 2.0? There’s a new 4.0 kernel, now based on Debian Jessie, improved hardware and wireless driver coverage, support for a variety of Desktop Environments (gnome, kde, xfce, mate, e17, lxde, i3wm), updated desktop environment and tools – and the list goes on. But these...
  2. H

    GNOME Developers Hate the Mouse, Remove Middle-Click Paste

    GNOME Developers Hate the Mouse, Remove Middle-Click Paste * In other news, GNOME users hate GNOME developers, remove GNOME as desktop enviornment.
  3. Theodre

    Gnome 3.8 Released!!

    The GNOME Desktop Environment which is one of the most popular DE in the linux community have released their latest version 3.8. The latest version comes with a lot of improvements (ofcourse :) ) One of the main focus being the privacy and one of the main change being the applications showing...
  4. Theodre

    End User Experience : Fuduntu 2013.1 (Punny name but a serious distro!)

    INTRODUCTION : Fuduntu is derived from fedora and is later forked. As the similarity in the name suggests, it uses packages from fedora and ubuntu!! It uses Gnome 2 Desktop environment which is a good news for a lot of GNOME fans!! It is shipped with the Chromium as the default browser. Some of...
  5. Theodre

    Ubuntu Gnome is now an official Ubuntu flavour!!

    The popular distro Ubuntu with the popular Desktop Environment GNOME is now official!! Gnome left behind by the canonical after the arrival of the Unity DE was missed by the users... And there was a Distro Named Ubuntu Gnome Remix Edition which was unofficial!! According to the Web Upd8: Ubuntu...
  6. desai_amogh

    issue: LXDE + vnc = black screen

    Hi Guys, I have a fedora 15 server, and it was consuming too much resources (ram, processor). I decided to remove gnome and install lxde. check online and removing gnome creates problems.. so i dint do groupremve "gnome desktop environment" but removed loats of gnome related unwanted...
  7. Krow

    Lisa - Linux Mint 12

    The new babe is coming to town real soon. Time for a separate thread. For the uninitiated, Linux Mint is a Linux distribution (distro) based on the extremely popular distro - Ubuntu. It is very newbie-friendly and focuses on providing an out-of-the-box working environment with not much need for...
  8. ico

    A small demo of GNOME 3 Shell

  9. Garbage

    GNOME 3.2 Released

    From - GNOME 3.2 Release Notes
  10. nims11

    Unity vs GNOME 3

    i installed ubuntu 11.04 yesterday. in first looks i didnt like unity. the layout seemed too restrictive and the i hated the new type of title bar. i then installed GNOME 3 and found it better in first looks. i still havent played much with the settings of these two desktop environments. i want...
  11. NewsBytes

    A look at Gnome 3

    Introduction Gnome 3 desktop UI The message tray Activities view Window Management Conclusion Gnome 3 is a major new update to the Gnome desktop environment that redefines the desktop interface entirely. The Gnome developers have left no stone unturned, and have come up with new...
  12. Garbage

    GNOME 3.0 Has Arrived

    Source: GNOME 3.0 Has Arrived | GNOME: Made of Easy Visit the official site of Gnome 3 here - GNOME 3 | GNOME: Made of Easy
  13. NewsBytes

    openSUSE 11.3

    openSUSE is one of those few Linux distributions that gives you a choice of desktop environment while you are installing it, and doesn’t treat KDE or Gnome as a primary option. Both environments have equal support from openSUSE and are equally customized. Until a previous version...
  14. celldweller1591

    No default GNOME Shell in Ubuntu 10.10: Shuttleworth

    Mark Shuttleworth engaged in a Q&A session as part of the post 10.04 Ubuntu Open Week and in his role as SABDFL, gave some broad indications of what to expect in future Ubuntu releases. One question was whether the GNOME Shell, the proposed desktop environment of GNOME 3.0, would be default in...
  15. J

    Gnome crash in Opensuse11.0

    1)How to overcome/recover from Gnome crash in OPENSUSE11.0? 2)Can Gnome and KDE be used in the same booting session in OPENSUSE11.0? Please anybody ........
  16. MetalheadGautham

    Need to study Fedora for College...

    Well my college needs me to use fedora for linux related stuff. I guess that means I have to postpone my gentoo installation until later. So please suggest me what to do. Here they use fedora gnome edition so I have no choice but to use it as much as I dislike gnome. I mostly need advice on...
  17. Nuxer

    Fedora 11 is Here!

    After a two-week delay, the Fedora Project team finally announced, two minutes ago, the release of Fedora 11, also known as Leonidas. The multitude of new features and improvements in this new version made the waiting time seem even longer, especially for dedicated fans. Well, at least the buzz...
  18. iinfi

    possible to install GNOME 2.26 on cent os 5.3?

    hi all, i am running centos 5.3 on my system. is it possible to install GNOME 2.26 on my box. the one which came with the OS is 2.16. will i need to install the latest GCC or XSoftware Development, GNOME Software Development etc.? will i face further dependency issues while installing GCC...
  19. NucleusKore

    Installing dropbox on OpenSUSE 32-bit

    Hi I would like to report that the FC9 rpm works great. NO need to compile from source (actually that did not work for me). First open YaST and install the GNOME desktop environment if you are a KDE user. (I tried making do with just installing nautilus and dependencies but that doesn't work...
  20. Dark Star

    The Lizard Creeps : openSUSE 11.1 out now

    openSUSE 11.1 Released : Discussion Thread The openSUSE Project is proud to announce the release of openSUSE 11.1. The openSUSE 11.1 release includes more than 230 new features, improvements to YaST, major updates to GNOME, KDE,, and more freedom with a brand new license...
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