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Problem with my cousin(Girl)

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well, i have only a few minutes...

this is the situation..

Day before Yesterday:
My cousin(girl) came to my house for her holidays. She found GTA:SA, GTA:VC on my pile of discs. And requested to install it. felling pity to her i insalled the game


The girl is playing the games 24/7. She dosen't care swearing, nudity and violence in the game. She's enjoying it all. The problem is i barely have a chance to get my hands on the computer. Mean while, she is using cheats and thinking that she is ultimate in the game..


She has gone to take her bath. And will be here in 5mins. Now, tell me a way to disable cheats and to convince girl in a nice way that she should not play the game is she is 17 years only. She knows about all things. She has a Boy Friend too. When i told her to not play the game she told me exactly "Fu(k off". We are close enough to a rude talk. but i can't talk rudely to that girl.

So, please tell me a way to disable cheats in both the games...

damn, i think she's out from the bathroom. gotta close this..



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:) Bear until the game is over.Disabling the Cheats is not going to help.Infact the game will get more difficult and she may end up being on the computer.
Also grow up and accept the fact that these days the girl are just there too.
So stay cool and everything will wear off and next time try to refraining from suggesting some games.


^^ Install Mafia and make her play that , really these days girls too like GTA and people like me like Sims :oops: ,


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Give away the disks to a friend for a few days and delete the EXE file or some other files from the game folders. If the game can't run, the game can't be played. :evil: :D

After that, install some decent game if she really wants to play. :p

Didn't your parents see/hear what she was playing all the time? :shock:


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She's is 17 yaar........I dnt think u shud protest her frm playing ths type of game.....

If we can y can't she???

Just answer one ques........agr wo ladki na hoke ladka hota to bhi kya tum aisehi protest karte???

Wats the main prblm?? She's playing tat type of games?? Or u can't access the machine as she's playing games all the times.....


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Even when i was in Chennai, children's in my neighborhood used to play GTA:VC every weekends. I remember my PC on Saturdays and even few Sundays. And among the gang of kid's 80% of them were girls and their age isn't more than 12. Now what to say? I never try to stop them fro playing Vice City, instead i just leave them.
I even installed NFS:MW for them, but they like to play Vice City more than any game. Infact they didn't care about the nudity,violence at all. Hope u got that.


also i have a good idea , Rollback Graphic drivers to oldest possible this way the game will run but give less framerates . so se wouldnt enjoy


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Ha ha ha !
Gender equality mate...

Besides, "She knows about all things. She has a Boy Friend too."

Sounds like that Tom Petty song... Free Falling...


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say something...........who owns that machine.............?????

if it belongs to u.......go use it.....or is it like u r afraid of her in someway;-)


damn busy...
You could hav wrote cousin sis instead of cousin (girl) :lol:

And she is 17 so just 1 yr less than whatz recommended for that game. Does it really make sense to b worried abt her? These days girls r way more advanced than before even if they dont hav any BF . sex , nudity , erotic stories and other stuff r discussed among girls very casually.
When boys can discuss abt such stuff then whats the problem if girls do so?
And am sure u r nt a innocent child too :lol:

If u really want to stop her frm playing GTA then just remove the graphics card and switch to igp :D
He is using IGP only.

@Vamsi Bear her this she's at your house. If you really think that your PC has been seized then you might want to make her realize that it's your house and PC.
'Leave me alone' cheat might help. :D
As for girls being advanced in such stuff....ask me. Every girl(almost) in my class has the great F-word written on her desk with a marker pen :D Two gals got suspended for a week when a teacher found that.
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