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help How do i cure my flirting addiction

Ok firstly, plz dont look at me as an *******. Instead, see me as a person who openly admits his bad qualities, something most guys dont admit.

The thing with me is that....when i find some girl attractive, i just go after her..finally when she starts developing affection towards me, all my desires to have her starts fading...

Right now i am chasing 3 gals at once. When one of them starts texting me mushy mushy sweet stuffs i just ignore her and start communicating with the other girls who,at this point,are not communicating with me.

Mind you, i am not a scumbag...i dont go lying to them like "baby u r da only girl in my life " type, i never say "i love you", i simply keep it at "i like u a lot"....
My physical interaction is limited to kisses and a bit of ahem ahem groping but i never go below the belt. I watch a lot of porn but i am smart enough to control my loins..

I am "single" for the past 5 yrs,since 1st yr grad college, but i like to have flirtitious relationship with any girl that suits my fancy... Only till the point when they start liking me back, thats when i am like " umm what say we just stay buddies" ...

I fear i will end up as a single old lonely man with 2 labradors and huge Insurance policy with no children to inherit my wealth..i will eventually die a lonely old man

I have checked several help sites and they all say it is a symptom of low self esteem and attention seeking disorder. I beg to differ, i have always been confident and loved myself since childhood. I dnt have sisters so could that be a reason somehow?? One more thing, i fear committment and marriage is nothing but a farce to me..my parents were seperated for 5 yrs during my preteen years, could that have affected me??

Can someone help me out, smone who can relate to me..someone who is having same problem like me??


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No fun in pursuing someone where there is no challenge left. With right age you will have the thought of settling down. Comes naturally :lol:

Worry more about other things.


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Look bro its ok...I too thought the same way regarding commitment in relationship ...if relation become burdon I too think the same way as you ...but that was 5 yrs back...

once you reach 30 you become more mature...you can still flirt but young girls wont give you much attension and our same age group will not look that attractive :D this is truth

Finally you leave flirting and get a life partner...dont think it as medical disorder...think it as a time we all do such things ;)



You are lucky man...I am now 26 and I dont have any GF.Actually i am of very Shy nature and this has made me a lonely person.From 16 years of age people start making GF's and me is just lol.

Everyone says me Hey Dude were are you going with your GF on weekend.I just dont say anything.i just laugh.(inside i know i am alone).

So just chill yaar.Enjoy..dont watch more p**n.Keep it in control.Leave disorder thingy and dont think that you have disorder.Enjoy...Just always know that what you do dosent show disrespect to your parents.

Your story also reminds me of Ranbir Kapoor in Bachna Ae Haseeno :D
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How you even talk to girls.
I'm still stuck on first step.

You living in India?

Teach me master


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When you meet/chat a girl and you find the need to flirt ,all you have to do is to watch more and more porn until you get exhausted .Then try to flirt ! You cant !!
works everytime 100 %


[MENTION=1376]mikael_schiffer[/MENTION] u cant, its as simple as that. ask ur parents to marry u off instead. ;)


I dnt flirt 24/7 i just chat up a girl i like. I dont go around finding girls to hook up with. If they cross my path,and they seem to be in my league,i go and talk to them. Offcourse its doesnt have a 100% success rate since all the good ones are taken. Still, these taken girls love the care and attention they get from a "new" guy...you know, naya maal,naya model,naya banda, fresh meat,....girls love different flavours of ice cream,right??

Relationships during academic life always hangs by the thread so there is a good chance of breaking their relationship with their bf..

Now dont judge k, i am not a relationship-breaker... i believe in the laws of the animal kingdom. May the best /strongest alpha male win... We r all animals after all..

I have done a lot of thinking and i think my problem is that I JUST DONT WANNA GROW UP. I want to be in my high school era forever when gf/bf/hookups/breakups etc etc is part of life.... This immature mentality has somewhat affected my studies too,like,i cant study unless my freinds study with me, or unless there is some pressure from proffessors or parents. The sweet 16 inside me hasnt died...

Yeah, lack of mental maturity is my main problem. Unfortunately, girls mature very fast and they start taking every relation as a long term thing. Kinda sucks for us guys like me. There are hardly any girls who are in it for the fling. There may be some school gals who are into the Excitement and Josh of a fling but i dnt wanna look like a pedobear while chasing them...
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I live in Mizoram. Our society is quiet liberal. For example, lets assume i have a young yet physically mature daughter (16+). If some dude wanna line mar-ing her, and wants to see her and visit her, I cannot stop that guy. If he comes to my house, i have to welcome him and serve him(tea,biscuits,cold drinks) like hes just another guest. We allow flirting as long as its decent and clean. But... The moment u take my daughter behind a bush, ill chop off ur head! Its tradition,been there since millenia.. If a guy comes to see my daughter,even if hes a total waste of filth, i cannot kick him out.I have to welcome him...
So as u can see, there is a lot of freedom between girls and guys..

Ive lived in Delhi, Udaipur (Rajasthan) and Patna(Bihar) so i understand how things are in mainland India. In high school if girls talk to guys, ppl started saying bad things about the gal (and NOT the guy,sexism at its finest) . Your only way is college or higher level where different cultures come together.

Pro tip- Confidence is No.1 ...
Pro tip - Girls like guys as much as guys like girls.#Fact. Just because they act shy or uninterested it doesnt mean they dont have sex drives. Would u prefer a girl who is forver hunting guys or girl who is doodh ka dhoola hua savitri pure kacchi kaliya typr? See..society expectations from them has turned them into that. From India to Alaska,from Japan to America, From Jammu to Kanyakumari..deep down inside All girls Want and Desire Men !!


@OP: Grow up a little, this issue will take care of itself. :)

Flirting isn't a big deal when you realise girls are rarely serious about flirts too!

At others: Start dressing up like Nero from Devil May Cry 4 or Dante from DmC. I guarantee you will get female attention. :p
Well, I had the same fear of responsibility and commitment. But right things come in right time and your behavior will change. All you need to do is chill and enjoy life the way it comes.:)
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