1. CA50

    [For Sale] Brand New Kindle Paperwhite 2015 Model

    SOLD ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Kindle Paperwhite 2015 model Kindle Paperwhite - e-reader with WiFi & Built-In Light at Expected Price: Rs 9200/- Source and Time of Purchase: Got as a gift Nov 2016 Reason for Sale: laying unused RMA/Servicing history: Never...
  2. GhorMaanas

    Gadget as a gift to couple on wedding?!

    hello all, its not everyday that we come across queries like the subject. :) i want to give a unique gift to my cousin on her wedding this weekend, that'd be of USE to the couple, but want to avoid giving the same old stuff like kitchenware, watches, etc. presently am thinking about getting...
  3. BakBob

    Battle.NET pre-paid card sites

    Does anybody know where I can buy a $30 Battle.NET pre-paid card? Like gamer gift and g2a have Steam pre-paid card?
  4. P

    Camera (digital/Semi-Slr/Cyber shot) any under 9-10K

    hi please suggest me the better picture quality camera under 9 to 10K . i dont have much idea about cameras. Need to gift my younger brother this friday, so please suggest exact names.
  5. Saptarshi5683

    Can't Root Honor 6

    Guys, from the past few months I have continuously been trying to jailbreak my Huawei Honor 6 but failed everytime. The reason could be that they were not providing the bootloader code as I had received it as a gift from them after its release and had not paid for it. Can anyone give a way to...
  6. Subhankar Mondal

    Give me advice...

    I have got Rs. 1 lakh as gift. I want your advice to utilise it properly buying gadgets. My world of interest is ENTERTAINMENT, films ,downloads, web browsing,songs and PC GAMEs like IGI , GTA , etc. Should I buy iphone 6 or a mac book or what else? I want that whatever I'll buy must...
  7. $hadow

    IEM for gift

    Hey guys what's up First of all thanks for all for guiding me buying cowan em1 for myself but as the thread says I want one as a gift on my brothers birthday. He is turning 18 next week :-D So as per his requirements he will use it foe following purposes 1. Lots of movie watching 2. Music...
  8. S

    Need a little help about custom charges and buying from foreign countries.

    Only experienced people are welcome . Actually i am planning to buy shoes from USA , my friends lives there so he will buy it from there and ship it to india (to my place) , i have read on custom policies that things under 5k will not charge custom if its sent as a gift , i have never done this...
  9. A

    urgent: need of speakers within 3k

    Need to buy a 2.1 stereo for my friend today or tomorrow from flipkart as a gift, please keep suggestions coming. P.s: friend is a basshead.
  10. saswat23

    Iobit Giveaway

    Iobit is giving away free copies of its Advanced System Care 7 Pro, IObit Malware Fighter 2 and Driver Booster as Thanksgiving. You can send the thanksgiving to any email you (including yours), they will send you a link to the email and opening that link will show the key of that product...
  11. GhorMaanas

    [Want to Buy] flipkart gift voucher

    Hello! i need a flipkart gift voucher for a purchase worth 13-14k on flipkart. anyone having it please PM me your offers. thanks!
  12. $hadow

    Professional headphones needed.

    Hey guys whats up? Well my cousin is looking forward to start of his dream of becoming a Dj. He is looking forward to get a new headphone. He was earlier using Sen hd202. Well this will be a kinda gift from his cousin side so I need to know can I get anything good around a budget of 15k...
  13. freshseasons

    Mobile for My Wife as gift -Budget 60K :Can stretch if needed .Urgent Please help

    Mates, I am quite confused about gifting my wife a new mobile. Nothing seems right for her :( Please help me.I am stuck and its genuine problem else woudn't bother you guys. Preferably i will make purchase tomorrow. She's using Galaxy s3 and feels its too bulky for her,so bulky that shes...
  14. webgenius

    Gift ideas for engagement

    Hi guys, I'm getting engaged in a couple of weeks :). My fiance has hinted that she has got a gift for me. I need to give her a return gift. I was looking for ideas and I found this: LINK. What do you guys think? Is it good enough? Can you guys recommend any other better options?
  15. W

    Best Ear Phones within 5-6k!

    Hello Guys, Please suggest a good ear phone set that I can gift to my friend... Budget is between 5-6k...Interested in good music
  16. T

    A mysterious wedding gift

    hi,guy,my best sister get married , so i want to buy A mysterious wedding gift for her and her husband, do you have any idea??
  17. S

    Cool Pen Drives

    Hey Everyone This is the first time I am seeking for help for this kind of product purchase, yet i thought it might be helpful as well... :P I am looking for a cool or as u can state it a cute pen-drive to gift it to a friend ( female ) of mine. I did go through many websites but nothing...
  18. S

    TRIPOD for NIKON D3100 under Rs 3000, with maxx operating height.

    Hi All. We have a nikon D3100. I want to buy a tripod for this as an anniversary gift for my husband. :) I am totally clueless, so i'd really appreciate any help on this..
  19. R

    Want to send diwali gifts to abroad

    As Diwali is upcoming further few month. I just want to know how can i send Diwali gifts to my loved once live in abroad Gift must be delivered on time and service must be good. pleases give me suggestion.
  20. A

    Mobile for "Her"

    Hello guys. Suggest me a Good music phone for music and image viewing with girlish looks or something to gift my fiancée @ 7-8k Max. - No touch fone please. - Only keypad - No Qwerty please
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