1. Pratik Pawar

    Gallery app Problem

    My lil sis bought Micromax Unite 3 Q372, 3 months ago, with Android 5.0.2 :mrgreen: since few days, the Gallery app is not working, not even starting, whenever we open it, an error message occurs, all the pics are there, coz the photos app opens, & they can be seen there, what could be the...
  2. axes2t2

    Quickpic is now part of Cheetah mobile.

    * Time to find a new gallery app or not update the current version.
  3. masterkd

    Nexus 5 media scanner issue

    I recently got this weird problem in my Nexus 5. No media other than the ones taken using device camera is getting updated. Like if I receive any image in whatsapp it is not coming in the gallery which used to come earlier. Also if I copy some videos it is not coming in gallery or mxplayer...
  4. A

    So you thought "COD GHOSTS" was nice, din't you ?

    Call of Duty: Ghosts | Zero Punctuation Video Gallery | The Escapist Might want to have a look at this.
  5. sumit_anand

    Let's go to visit Google Office

    Check out: Google's stunning new office | Photo Gallery - Yahoo! India Finance
  6. IronCruz

    Display problem Sony Tipo(single)

    I see strange colours on the screen for a sec and then it goes. It happens to me, when i use Xperia gallery and twitter. Here is the video how it happens. Please do watch it, it's just 3 sec video.. Please help me out.
  7. T

    Microsoft Updates Windows Live Essentials - 2011 with Windows Essentials 2012

    On Windows 7 you get access to the following apps: Messenger Mail Writer Photo Gallery and Movie Maker Family Safety Microsoft SkyDrive Photo Gallery and Movie Maker have been updated by Microsoft for this release. The updates are only available for Windows 7 and Windows 8, and add the...
  8. AndroidFan

    Need Photo Gallery Widget like the one on HTC Sense UI

    Hi all, I want to make my phone flashy and cool. For that, I was looking for a photo gallery widget like we see on HTC Sense devices. Is there anything comparable available anywhere? Or some apk on XDA? Tried to find it but failed. P. S. Need it for my Galaxy SL (WVGA res)
  9. kool

    How to hide picture in Nokia 5230/5800 ?

    Guys, Yesterday i bought Nokia 5230 with latest firmware. I installed Sygic Map, Power MP3, and many more apps. Now when i open my gallery it shows camera pics and also icons & thumbnail of Sygic, Power Mp3 apps. And this is very irritating, because it scans all image from the memory card and...
  10. leo61611616

    Google Introduces Android Phone Gallery

    Google just made the process of comparing Android devices a lot easier with the launch of their Google Phone Gallery today. Phones can be filtered by manufacturers, carriers and countries. Phones can also be sorted by alphabetical order or release dates. Read More Here
  11. NewsBytes

    Creating an image gallery app with Flash Builder 4 in 10 steps

    Introduction Last time we created an widget which allowed you to search on Twitter, which introduced you to Flex Catalyst, and showed how it could be used to create a rich UI for you application. In this tutorial we will create an application which loads an XML gallery exported from...
  12. NewsBytes

    Google Chrome extensions gallery goes online

    For all those itching to try extensions for Google Chrome, but were waiting for Google's blessings, they have now been given. The Google Chrome Extensions Gallery is now open for all, and not just for submissions this time.    Even before Google got to task, there have been quite a few...
  13. M

    Need a PHP Photo Gallery Script

    Hello every one I want to host a Photo gallery in my website and i want a PHP Script so that I can use the SQL Data base to store the Images and the pages created dynamicaly...can any one help...I donot know the PHP language... please help...
  14. M

    i am in trouble, me with N96-may be virus effect-read and suggest

    dear all, i have brought a bran new N96 before 3months. very good phone, with a good video playback quality and a more better camera. well,last week, i have connected my 96 with my office PC. those moment, my gallery, and message box got formatted. i have got shocked. and after that, every...
  15. K

    N-series gallery on s60v3

    hi have a 5320 and i have a lot of pics on my fone ... not happy with the built in gallery .... i have tried image exchange : its decent but few minor issues ... still browsing thru pictures is not fun the new nokia image browser: its great but the only problem is that each time i start it ...
  16. M

    Forum Smileys for YOU All

    Forum Smileys for YOU All Hi I have collected some forum Smileys for you all. Some of them are shown below: If you like them than please give feedback, I will constantly update and upload new smileys. ;) Update: Here's the Gallery for More Smileys...
  17. Pearl Groupz

    New Website launched : All About varanasi City....

    New Website launched : All About Varanasi City.... Link: New Domain name Already Registered Will Work after 1- 2 Day : Hoping All Foreniers Will love mine Information & Mine Gallery too gallery will be Coming Soon!
  18. iMav

    Dwnld MS Search Server 2008 Express Free

    Microsoft Search Server 2008 Express Features: Streamlined Installation. Quickly get an enterprise search infrastructure running in your environment, using the smplified installation experience. Unified Administration Dashboard. Review common administrative tasks, monitor system and...
  19. deadpulse

    I want to create a slideshow

    Hello guys, I want to create a slideshow on the website built in PHP. I am trying to do so. I have made an back-end admin panel to update the website contents where i want to add a events gallery. I've written a code to upload images to the gallery directory but, i don't know how to write a...
  20. satyamy

    Nokia N73 - Want to Hide Ringtones from Music Gallery and Video Songs from Gallery ?

    I have Nokia N73 I am using its default setting Havent installed any extra music player or any software I copy Ringtones in a Separate folder in Memory Card but it automatically Comes in Music Gallery and When I play songs ringtones also get qued in the Music Library and starts playing one...
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