1. quicky008

    Apc ups failing to give adequate backup even after replacing battery-plz help.

    I have a 650VA apc ups(be650y-in) which is around 6 yrs old.However it's battery seems to have become rather weak of late as it has started giving a backup time of only 40-60 secs during power cuts nowadays(earlier it varied from 5-10 mins).So I decided to get the older battery replaced because...
  2. H

    csr classics on android help

    I want to win the boss car but everytime after 3rd boss race it says buy super nitros. I dont have any credit card. I have fully upgraded my skyline Can i race the boss without buying super nitro Tab 2 p3100
  3. D

    Overclocking a i7 4770K

    Hey everyone, Since there is only one thread on OC'ing a i7 4770K on this forum and I was doing some overclocking and wanted to post the results. Stock Idle ( 8 X 100 Mhz @ .586 volts ) 38 multiplier X 100 Mhz @ .998 Volts ( Fully stable ) [ max temp with avx stress test : 52-54 Degree ]...
  4. bssunilreddy

    Corsair introduces new RM series PSU's

    Hai, Corsair introduces new RM series PSU's which are fully modular ranging from 450 to 1000 watts and 100% gold certified. Which means a 450 watt PSU can power about 550 watts of load. 80% Gold rated efficiency means more power to be saved and low profile black cables which are fully modular...
  5. E

    battery pack for note 2

    hello... i have note 2 and i want to buy a battery pack for it... i am getting a 2600 mah battery pack for 600 bucks from ERD i want to know can it charge my battery fully? if not suggest me other battery pack under 2k(online with COD). thanks
  6. avinandan012

    3D printed gun

    Meet The 'Liberator': Test-Firing The World's First Fully 3D-Printed Gun - Forbes
  7. M

    Why pay for Windows 8?

    I just bought a Dell Inspiron 15R 5520. I got Windows 7 Home Basics. I also got an upgrade offer. I can upgrade to Windows 8 in just Rs 699. Here's the simple question: I can easily get fully activated Windows 8 from any torrent site, my friends have alredy downloaded it. Why should I spend Rs...
  8. C

    Best phone under 10,000?

    What is the best phone possible under Rs. 10,000?It should have an above average camera and should be fully touch screen and the screen should be big enough.Also should be stylish.
  9. A

    Help me to buy washing machine ?

    Budget - 25000 - 30000 Loading - Front Fully automatic Brand: IFB,Siemens , Samsung , Whirlpool..etc
  10. B

    notebook battery not charging,show only 6%

    unable 2 charge my compaq presario notebook battery above 6%.its always show 6% on my power meter.some times show 100% fully charged.but i can disconnect power,notebook turn off few minites.plz help me
  11. vishalg

    Some websites not loading on my bsnl broadband

    i am facing a weird problem with my bsnl 750ul+ broadband connection some 15 days back the bsnl shifted its servers to new ones in their exchange since then some sites do not load fully on my system (eg. live.in, mobile-review, yahoo mail) dropbox cannot upload files now its gets more...
  12. sumit05

    Windows 8 fully previewed, available for download tonight !

    Windows 8 fully previewed, available for download tonight - TechSpot News http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/apps/br229516
  13. S

    ACPI not compliant

    During installation of Windows XP Pro PC gives a stop error that says the BIOS is not fully ACPI compliant and asks to restart the PC. CPU is Intel P4 & the motherboard is of MSI
  14. pritish_kul2

    Sggstions - Rs 4000

    Ok, so i have Rs 4000/- in my hand. and i want to buy something random and fun. Any suggestions? NOTE: I HAVE A CELL AND A 'FULLY QUALIFIED' PC :D anything out of the world . unique.
  15. D

    Installing XP In USB

    Installing XP from USB My DVD drive is no more.I want to Install XP using my pendrive. I have tried some stuffs by googling it...but nothing worked out fully..
  16. S


    i have downloaded 2-3 movies of 700mb from torrentz.com but after downloading it plays only for 52 sec.so it is great frastrating.can any body help me how to play those movie fully....pls rply.
  17. arpanmukherjee1

    win 7 not supporting dual HDD

    specs: dual core 2.3 2gb ram gigabyte 945gcm POV 8600 gt hdd1 : 160 WD hdd2 : 360 segate xp sp3 runs smoothly but 7 takes lots of time. normal time if hdd2 is removed. hdd2 is defraged and fully scanned but still problem persists. plz help Q2> how to burn .dmg image in windows ??
  18. ash2win

    Can't see recovered images,plz...help

    I just recovered many jpg images using recovery sw like recuva that was deleted by friend from my lap,but only 10% images are fully recovered,remaining the file is there but not viewable,what to do can i get it fully original?
  19. max_demon

    unfomedia scam or legit ?

    hello , my friend has taken part in their program in unfomedia http://unfomedia.com/ data typing 2 program . they have given work to write 600 pages in 30 days but he is not able to complete , they have stupid Tos . he is asking me to check for its genunity , i am not able to find anything...
  20. official

    need a software for remote use a computer

    hi frens is there any software with the help of which i can take whole control over my frens computer(means install or uninstall software , use is controlpanel) and view his desktop ... overall means use his computer fully via my computer.. we both have lan connection and in same hostel and...
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