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  1. B

    Need Android Mobile Under 8k Must be moddable or custom rom friendly

    Hello, I would like to purchase a mobile no matter if it is lava, byond, intex *Must Provide 1yr guarantee or atleast 6month (i know modding voids warranty) *Must be moddable and cynagemod friendly or atleast compatible with roms. *Must be 4.2 updaradable That's it... Any idean on...
  2. B

    7950 vs 660ti??

    which would be more future friendly..
  3. S

    upscale analog tv signal

    Hello friends.I bought a new led tv and analog cable looks very bad.so please suggest me any way to upscale my analog tv signal.dth is not so friendly in my place...please answer quickly..:-(
  4. T

    Environment friendly Refrigerator.

    I work in an industry that is related to renewable energy and environment conservation. In keeping with this, I want to buy a refrigerator that is most environment friendly. Any suggestions?
  5. newway01

    LGA775 Motherboard

    Hi, looking for a lga775 mobo with DDR3 memory architecture. Preferred Models: 1)Gigabyte GA-P43T-ES3G 2)Gigabyte GA-P45T-ES3G 3)MSI P43-C51 or P45 Neo 4)GIGABYTE GA-EP45C-DS3R (out of my budget?) No fancy SLi or overclock friendly boards needed. No chance for using those features...
  6. P

    suggest cheap and best music phone, with sms friendly and long battery

    Friends what are your suggestions, here is the requirements display minimum 2 inch good music quality with good wired headset must be SMS friendly because use it for frequent texting long battery life
  7. R

    eco friendly mobile

    Hi all, I have heard that Samsung latest mobile phone is eco friendly. It will operate entirely on solar power. Is it true?
  8. IronManForever

    Twitter Client for Windows XP..

    I want a nice free twitter client for Xp. I would prefer if it was a multi-protocol one. I want it to be low bandwidth friendly. Thanks.
  9. ajaybc

    Any video cutting software?

    Is there any software which I can use to cut videos easily.For eg.cutting off song sequences or cutting off sex scenes to make family friendly etc. Please reply soon.Easy to use softwares with support for many file formats preferred.
  10. Charley

    SWF Files Player

    I need a software to run swf files, less resource friendly and Win 98 compatible.
  11. T

    Linux Friendly Companies?

    Well ATi and nVidia already there with Linux drivers for their gfx cards but what about rest? Motherboard Mfgers? Chipset makers and all. Most of the incompatible stuff is linked with "onboard" :-x So next time if a guy wants to go for a Linux friendly upgrade which Companies hardware to...
  12. chesss

    MIcrosoft end user agreement

    http://images.linspire.com/MSLicense.swf - dial up friendly small flash page
  13. ssk_the_gr8

    best free cd burning software + firewall

    guys cud u'll please give me some suggestions for a noob & user friendly free cd burning software ..(this is for my non computer savvy friend) the ones i have found are cd burnerxp pro 3.. hasnt been updated for years but they r working on a new beta 3.5 now! Deep burner Express Burn...
  14. ssk_the_gr8

    the most user friendly distro

    ok guyz..i installed mandrake 8 on one of my old pcs & hated it..:D so which linux distro is most user friendly....like windows :D it should be easy to configure peripherals like modems..etc & easy installation of softwares( without the use of command lines) im new to linux...so plz help me...
  15. V

    Which is best p2p shareware

    There are different sites : limewire, morpheus, torrent, rapidshare and so on. Which one is the best and user friendly.
  16. nik_for_you

    new yahoomail beta

    hi friends, Have you tried new yahoo mail beta ?? I have just got it right now and its cool... and much more faster than older one ... it is made up of ajax so it is very fast and very user friendly to use....
  17. aditya.shevade

    IE or FireFox?

    Hi Can anyone tell me which of the 2 mentioned above are better secured and user friendly an.. in short which of the 2 is better? What are the advantages of the one over the other? Aditya
  18. S

    I hate Linux

    I hate linux for the following reasons. ---It is very difficult to install on a system having another OS ---Irritating when installing packages due to dependancies ---All linux do'nt support all audio n graphics cards( I had problems with SUSE .screen goes blank after booting) ---It...
  19. M

    SE J230i

    Hi guys , i am plannning to buy this mobile for my mom on her birthday.Whats it price?Is it user friendly? Thanx, Mandar
  20. D

    Geforce FX5200

    so how high does a FX5200 go while being stable i.e without any artifacts? given that the AGP voltage can be increased upto 1.7 volts? i've heard about this chip being pretty o/c friendly....like runnin at 280+ Mhz GPU and 450 Mhz Memory.....any xperiences? I just want to know how much juice i...
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