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Generic Host Process For Win32 Services

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this error occurs only when i run net for 10-15 minutes .......or download something.....

i mean it occurs only when net is running

moreover after this error i cannot use internet even my system tray shows net connection


it chaanges themes from windows xp to classic and back ....i mean just switches ..

tried to google and did all effort but no any help solved the problem

even now one of my friend is getting this errorr as the same as i am getting when he runs net (his laptop has never been connected to my computer)

so help me out


Fast !


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did all these but neither worked for me nor for my friend .....i came across almost 15 forums and people are rporting the same problem ...even hotfixes doesn't fix it ....

so any advice digitians ?


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I faced same problem,

After installing patches for win xp upto jun07, which includes IE7, this problem solved in my case.
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