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  1. ankushkool

    How 2 disable this msg?

    i get this msg frequently on my comp.... how do i disable it?
  2. rohan

    How often do you reinstall windows?

    It's that time again... games won't run.. everything's sluggish.. half of the programs run with problems.. rest half won't run at all. And well.. it's time to reinstall windows. So, my question is.. how frequently do you need to reinstall windows? My question is how often you *need* to.. i am...
  3. S

    Problem with Internet Explorer

    Hello Everyone!!! There is some problem with my system. Whenever I open a site “Symantec.com” which is an antivirus site, it opens a page with error message “Page Not Found”. All other sites are opening frequently without any problem. Can u help me what could be the problem and how...
  4. T

    Pc restarting frequently

    I assembled a pc recently with following config. AMD athlon 64bit 2800+ with MSI motherboard 512 ddr 400MHz ram 80 gb hdd (old used one) Now my pc is restarting frequently with only error message appearing tht your pc has recovered from serious error. There is no blue screen or something...
  5. ramprasad

    System Restarts frequently...

    Hi, Off late, I find my system restarting frequently without any intervention or at the occurence of a specific event. I have a P4, Mercury 845 NFSX mobo, 256MB SD RAM, 40GB Seagate HDD, 52x LG CD/RW and Mercury TV Tuner Card. I have scanned with the latest updates of NAV for virus, no...
  6. neerajkumar_4

    Slow…………….. Slow

    :( My pc is kinda slow now a days, it was not that slow when it was new and I had re-installed my OS recently. My config. Is Athlon XP 2100+ 1.7 GHz 256Mb RAM BIG Ge-force FX 6200 256 MB 40 GB HDD I frequently scan my HDD for any security threats, I use defragmenter & disk clean up. I...
  7. G

    Do i change the smps ?

    I've got a AMD sempron 2600+ on a Asus a7n8x vm/400 With onboard Geforce 4mx and 512 mb of ram . The problem is that this system generates blue screen errors frequently. My SMPS is of 230v from Mercury. Can that be athe problem ? Do i change it to a 350v or 400v Supply
  8. lywyre

    Good Quality CDs

    Hi, the what i am buying for around 10-15 rupees are good only for a few days, but after a few weeks/months they become useless. (including sony/imation/moser baer etc). However, the CDs that came with Digit years back are reading fine till today even though I use them more frequently. The...
  9. J

    System Authority Problem in XP

    Plz Help,,,, my coputer Shutdown frequently when i connect to the internet..... *************SYSTEM AUTHORITY-Shutdown in 1min**************
  10. R

    win xp with amd athlon xp restart frequently

    hi, my system with athlon xp 2000+ & win xp sp1a, asrock via chipset m/b, pioneer dvd-rw drive & lg 52x cd-rw drive, using built in sound card with inspire 5700D. my system restarts very frequently, sometimes just after the welcome screen, before desktop appears. updated some security updates...
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