1. P

    30 Common Words You Might Be Mispronouncing

    English is a tricky language. Simply because it’s in English that spellings and pronunciation vary frequently, and often randomly. For example, ‘but’ is ‘but’ but not ‘boot’. 30 Common Words You Might Be Mispronouncing • Streets of Lucknow
  2. RCuber

    [Query] Logitech G400 Disconnecting frequently

    My G400 is disconnecting frequently. Initially I thought it was a incorrectly plugged in but that is not the case. The mouse would just disconnect in middle of a gaming section and immediately reconnect within fraction of a second. but that enought time for gameplay interuption and I would be...
  3. K

    Advice regarding purchase of a printer

    I want to purchase a colour printer for home-use. I have a HP inkjet colour wi-fi printer-cum-scanner which we purchased some 3 years ago. However the ink dries too frequently in that and currently it is not being used. Who is going to take it to the Service Center every time it throws up...
  4. S

    PC Hanged Frequently , Urgent Help Required

    Dear Guys, My pc hang frequently, then i fresh reinstall the Os, Bios Update & get default settings.change the ram but no solution.kindly help. But no restart or Blue Screen. Also no overheating. pc config: MOBO : Gigabyte EP45-UD3P Proccy: Core 2 Duo 3Ghz Ram : CM DDR2 2x2GB GPU : ATI HD...
  5. A

    securing bsnl wi fi connection

    im using a bsnl bbnd connection in wi fi neighbour who stays on the top floor telle me that he frequently gets my wi fi do i secure my wi fi connection im using a siemens sl2-141 modem
  6. abhi_10_20

    Good to frequently poll your card's sensors?

    Note: This does not consider overclocking. This does not consider good air-flow in you cabby to drive out hot air and other physical stuff. Would be great if opinions have references as well. Note that I am also a noob, having no knowledge in this. So I spent a huge money on my card, I...
  7. S

    Administrator password expiring frequently....

    Hi Guys, The administrator password is expiring frequently in my dell system....any solution for this to prevent? I am using win 7 prof 64 bit OS Regards, Santosh kulkarni
  8. M

    Corsair Force 3 or Force GT

    Hi Guys will the Force 3 is better for regular computing. I dont want to move heavy files frequently Just wanted to boost the PC usage on heavy applications.
  9. digibrush

    2 Question about ext HDD !

    Hello guys, recently(24/9/2011) I purchased 1 TB Seagate External Drive with power adapter. Is it safe to place my ext hdd beside crt monitor or top of big speaker while power on? data on ext hdd which i need very frequently...So which is better option, frequently power on and off or...
  10. bajaj151

    Graphics Card : Sapphire 5770 or 6850

    For 1920*1080 resolution Use: 1) Video Compression 2) Gaming not frequently (Fifa + NFS only) Budget: Max.10K
  11. R

    prob with broadband modem

    I have a BSNL broadband connection. The ADSL link of the modem always getting disconnected when i am using internet. After a while ADSL gets established, and again disconnects. it doesnt stay even for a minute. what i found out is that this problem i am facing at night time frequently...
  12. borax12

    My youtube channel,record your screen in hd

    hey guys...didn't know where to post this but moderators..don't get pissed off...please move this post to the apt place today i officially launch my youtube channel ....called borax12 tech turns YouTube - sup270792's Channel T-tutorials U-unboxings R-reviews N-news S-shopping i will be...
  13. mukul_rockstar

    formatting issues...

    since hdd's are magnetic platters, so will frequently formatting them will destroy them, if yes, how frequently they should be formatted:?::?::?:
  14. M

    Systm getting restarted very frequently....

    My system is restarting very frequently after useage of few hours. My config is E7400 2.4 Ghz. ASUS P5K-PL CM (MotherBoard). 2GB RAM. WIN XP and Norton Internet 2010 installed. System is in an airconditioned room.So i don't think over heating is an issue.
  15. A

    Username and Pass not saved in Dial up - Windows 7

    Hi guys, I have an BSNL connection . . I have made it such that i can disconnect and reconnect without having to turn it off ( for ip-change frequently) . . .But now i have to everytime type in my username and pass in the dial-up for connecting... It doesn't save my pass even if i choose...
  16. smile

    Plzz help internet problem

    I had earlier posted my net connection problems here and now what i did is formatted the system , connected a LAN card ....everything is fine than before but its disconnecting frequently again when i connect its connects but why is the problem persist....and one more thing my LAN LED is red in...
  17. R

    Laptop very slow & Freezes

    I bought a new laptop B1900 series. 12.1 Inches Intel Duao core 1gb ram(512 hp, 512 trescend) its very slow & freezes frequently. what may be the reason? requesting for the solution.
  18. M

    Which Four Wheeler to Buy ???

    Hey guys...i m planning to buy a car but get confuse between Chevrolet Spark,Hyundai i10 & Santro and Suzuki Alto. wht u all say ? which is the best buy(+which model no.) ?? One thing is that the car will not run frequently...i think only 2 or 3 days in a week. I m more concern about...
  19. jerin3013

    Blue Screen Errors With Quad Core System

    Configurations: --------------------------------------- Intel Q6600 Asus P5K-VM mthbrd 2 GB DDR2 800 MHz Zion Single Ram 320 GB SATA Western Digital HDD 500W Mercury SMPS Cabinet DVD writer SATA ---------------------------------------- Problem: My system crashes very frequently with blue sceen...
  20. casanova

    Javascript wanted

    I need a javascript that can determine the most frequently occuring color in an image and set the windows background color to the most frequently occuring color. Java scripters, any1 here.
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