win xp with amd athlon xp restart frequently

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my system with athlon xp 2000+ & win xp sp1a, asrock via chipset m/b, pioneer dvd-rw drive & lg 52x cd-rw drive, using built in sound card with inspire 5700D. my system restarts very frequently, sometimes just after the welcome screen, before desktop appears. updated some security updates from microsoft, dx 9c, via driver pack,media player 10 installed. nothings working. please let me know how to solve this damn prob.



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It could be a hardware problem. First, with the power off, push all connectors and RAM sticks in firmly. Better yet, pull them out and insert them again. If you've had your computer for some time, some connector contacts may have become less than perfect.

If you added a new piece of hardware recently, see if your computer runs normally without it.

If you have more than one RAM stick, use them in turn, one at a time and see if one of them is causing your problem. Or substitute your memory with another known good one.

If none of these works and if you have or can borrow another power supply unit (PSU), try substituting your PSU temporarily.
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