1. RCuber

    50K PC Upgrade for Gaming/Streaming - CPU+ RAM + MOBO

    I want to upgrade my 6 yr old PC and only need CPU + RAM + MOBO. Current Config Intel i5 2400 Intel DH67BL (lol) GSkill Ripjaw 4x2 RAM CM 212 evo Rest Zotac GTX 970 Extreme Edition Benq XL2411Z (144Hz) Case CM Elite 430 Samsung 850 250 gig SSD Asus Xonar Essence ST (PCI) Seasonic M12II-750...
  2. ashis_lakra

    Rise of tomb raider TONS of freezes on GTX 1070

    Hi all, I've been trying for days to make the game run on GTX 1070 from low to very high settings on Windows 10 pro. It opens, then after playing 1 min or 2 min or sometimes just launching game , it crashes, when Lara dies , then the reloading is in infinite loop, then PC don't respond to...
  3. Pasapa

    Low GPU Usage

    I'm using a Zota GTX 1060 and when i game the gpu usage is very low. It hovers around 50-60% in games like Battlefield 1 and Rainbow Six Siege. While im getting around 80% in less graphics intensive games like Rocket League. Anyone has any idea to fix this issue? My framerates suffer as a result...
  4. P

    Bottleneck or FPS problem

    Hey, Yesterday I bought MSI Gtx 1070 Gaming X graphic card, Enjoyed it. But after seeing its potential here- MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X 8 GB Review | techPowerU I stunned because I was happy that I got this card that is capable of burning huge fps out of it even in the GTAV like shown on above...
  5. Vyom

    [Ordered] Card for my i5-4570 PC, Games: RL, GTA V, Racing games, Bioshock Remaster, Budget: ~15k

    I upgraded from a Pen 4 PC after 7 years. Now am using a Core i5 4570 PC since 3 years. And been gaming on integrated graphics ever since. I was not much of a gamer, but since Jan 2016 Rocket League have consumed my life. It have made me a gamer again. And with the advent of other games like...
  6. axes2t2

    Happy Ganesh Chaturthi everyone.

    May Lord Ganesha give you 60 fps in all the games you play.
  7. warfreak


    Surprised there is no announcement tread yet. I thought this forum was full of Quake fans. :thinking_NF: Anyhoo.. Quake Champions!! :D With the new Unreal Tournament and this, hope we see a return of the great rivalry of Arena FPS. E3 2016: Quake Champions Is PC-Only for Launch, But Console...
  8. Cyberghost


    Blurring the lines between cautious strategy and unbridled mayhem, SUPERHOT is the FPS in which time moves only when you move. No regenerating health bars. No conveniently placed ammo drops. It's just you, outnumbered and outgunned, grabbing the weapons of fallen enemies to shoot, slice, and...
  9. seamon

    980Ti is not that powerful

    Can't max out GTA V at 1440p with AA. I am getting like 30-40 FPS.
  10. A

    Frame Rate Drops - No load or Bottlenecking on GPU or CPU

    Hello Guys, Recently I bought Gigabyte Gtx 960 G1 4 GB Video Card paired with my old Intel i3-540 processor over clocked to 3.8 GHz. I am having fps drops in Dota 2 team fights like the fps drops to 35-40 from 60 fps. Rest of the time its constant 60 fps and if v sync turned off then its 120...
  11. justme101

    Frame Rate Drops - No load on GPU!

    Hi Guys, My PSU went bad a few weeks ago and i was left without a PC as i couldn't buy one due to time constraints. Now, when i finally have it started with a new Antec VP450P, i started to play CSGO with very irritating frame drops. I even turned down all the settings to low, except a few at...
  12. bee

    Need to buy a MP FPS. Help!

    Im looking forward to buy a FPS with good multiplayer presence. Im not new to the genre and would like some non-zombie and monster stuff (more in the likes of BF and CS) config: fx6300, rx270x and 4gb ram appreciate your help guys thanks!
  13. R

    Steelseries Elite Headset Suggestions!

    Hi Guys, I am a regular FPS gamer and would like to purchase a Steelseries Headset and right now I have my eyes on the Steelseries Elite - Steelseries Siberia Elite Prism Wired Gaming Headset - Steelseries : Flipkart.com I need suggestions from people who have used this particular headset...
  14. A

    low fps in gtx 970

    hello guys I am facing a problem with my system ie low fps in gtx 970.let me describe it below System Specifications 1 500w tagan power supply 2 asus a88xm-a motherboard 3 amd a6 6600k 4 8 gb corsair venegance ram 5 asus strix gtx 970 I have windows 8.1 installed 64 bit. Things i have...
  15. A

    Frame Rate does not cross 60 irrespective of Quality setting

    I have an R9270x GFX card. Im currently playing MotoGP 2013 game in my 1080P DELL monitor(refresh rate =60hz). I used MSI afterburner with On Screen display to measure the FPS .With ultra settings @ 1080P , the game FPS is 52-60 range with a second or two going to 61. The game was perfectly...
  16. Legend

    Gaming Keyboard.

    Hey guys, I'm new to gaming accessories and need help from you, at this moment looking for Keyboard (gaming plus normal use). After searching i found few keyboards over internet like Logitech G105 and Razer Deathstalker Essential which are under 3k. But, need help from you guys. Reply soon...
  17. shankar_psn

    FPS Multiplayer ...

    I recently got a PS3 ... not played much though ... decided to play a FPS multiplayer ... I m confused between Battlefield 3 or 4 ... Else should I go for CoD Ghosts ... Which one is good ... Not played any other multiplayer than Counter Strike ... :-)
  18. A

    Ready-Made Gaming Pc's : 50 K

    Hi, I want to buy a gaming PC but I don't want to have it assembled, are there some ready-made options available in India ? , especially in Delhi ? I want to run all the latest FPS games( COD Ghosts, BF4, Crysis 3) , RPG's(AC BF) and RTS( COH 2) at FHD with a minimum of 30 FPS. My...
  19. H

    [Review] Lenovo Ideapad Y510P i5 4200M + GT 755M

    This review is for the i5 version of the Ideapad Y510p . I will mostly talk about the performance of this laptop in terms of gaming . Please refer to other reviews of Y510p for more details. Note - just to inform - "IT ALSO HAS A VGA PORT ALONG WITH HDMI " . 1) LOOKS - Before we get to...
  20. sam_738844

    Homefront Returns : With Revolution

    Crytek's Homefront: The Revolution launching next year with full day/night cycle, dynamic weather system, and online co-op mode. Homefront Returns in 2015 as an Open-World FPS on Xbox One, PS4, and PC - GameSpot
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