1. suarezian

    Which is this graphic card?

    Hi. There is this graphic card in my cousin's pc. The pc is dell inspiron 580s. Only foxconn is written in the card. Please tell me the name of the card.
  2. Desmond

    Foxconn using unpaid student interns to build the PS4

    Looks like old habits die hard. Foxconn is at it again. Source : Report: Foxconn using forced student labor to build Sony's PS4
  3. M

    Foxconn nT-i1250

    This is an re-post of the thread in Hardware Q&A. I don't think that that was the right section as I didn't receive a single reply there, even after 90 views. Hello People! I don't know if this is the right thread to mention this, but I couldn't find one more suitable. To start off, I got...
  4. O

    Need a Graphics card

    I have a Raidmax RX-380k ATX12V power supply, and am looking for a PCIe card that can run DirectX 9 in the $50-$150 price range. I have a Foxconn MCP73M06 motherboard. I have no idea which cards are compatible with my computer. Help!
  5. The Sorcerer

    Warning to all LGA 1156 potential buyers

    Do note I am mentioning this here as prevention is better than cure. Unlike other tech forums I know off, this one seriously need heads up once in a while This was seemed as an isolated incident as toms' hardware initial engineering samples went bust IIRC, other reviewers complained the same...
  6. abhinandh

    Foxconn deliberately sabotaging their BIOS to destroy Linux

    A very bright guy named Ryan (aka TheAlmightyCthulhu over at the Ubuntu Forums) has disassembled the BIOS on his Foxconn motherboard and found a very peculiar behaviour. Long story short, he found several tables written for almost all Microsoft OS’es and only one badly written table for Linux...
  7. darklord

    Foxconn MARS + Intel C2D E8500

    I received my MARS a few days back,so we decided to take it for a spin.So here it is, not a lot of results but still, Test Bed - Intel C2D E8400/ E8500 1GB*2 Team Xtreem PC2 5400 CL3 Seventeam ST 600EAD PSU Foxconn MARS Sapphire ATI Radeon HD3850 512MB Some Pics from the benching...
  8. darklord

    Foxconn MARS + C2E X6800 Benching under DICE

    I was down in bangalore few days back with my friends, on a vacation,thats when we thought of doing a benching session.It was superb fun, basically,me and my team mates, Harshal & Rio did the benching and another friend,Abhishek also accompanied us..Following are the details, THE SETUP...
  9. iMav

    mobo replacement

    1 of my comp's mobo had some problem my engg after 3 months came back to me with a replacement but its a foxconn mobo he says tht the company has sent this replacement .... foxconn-intel any1 ... any idea about any merger or something that might lead to a foxconn mobo coming as replacement for...
  10. P

    Foxconn Mobos for C2D ?

    (1)What about Foxconn Motherboards, known for economical with power packed features ? Can anyone please tell me ABOUT the latest mobos from the Foxconn stable AND their prices(Non SLI ver.) for Intel C2D procc from Mumbai? What is the price of P965 and G965 mobos from them ? (...
  11. M

    Vista problem

    Hey i am planning to go for windows vista but not sure wheather my system can handel it or not. Well i have 1 GB RAM, Cel 2.5 GHz, Big Ge-Force 6600, 250 GB SATA, and FOXCONN 865-M01 MOBO. The only problem i see is there are no drivers, Will my old drivers work with my VISTA, If not pls...
  12. D

    SATA cable

    I seem to be having problems with the (red) stiff SATA data cable.. some time ago, i saw foxconn come up with flexible sata cables.. anyone know where i can get em.. or are they available at all.. thank you
  13. R

    Foxconn Dealer in Chennai?

    I am trying to get my hands on the new Foxconn MoBo Winfast 6150K8MA-8EKRS based on NVidia 6150/430 chipset. Anybody aware of a Foxconn dealer or distributor in Chennai? If yes, can i have the contact info please?If you have any experience with a Foxconn product (esp Mobo), please post it here.
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