1. amjath

    Zotac GTX 970 non Amp Temp

    Hi guys, So i have been playing GTA 5 and I found massive fps drops. The game freezes at times. So i checked the temps, i found the max temp >75+. Is it safe? The idle temp [when not using gpu intense things] i get is ~41C. My PC is cleaned more than 4 months before. Do you think is it...
  2. A

    Want to buy Speaker Audio Control Knob or Audio Control set. Help. :)

    I am using creative 2.1 sbs 370 speaker... Creative SBS 370 2.1 Speakers I got problem with volume control knob. As you seen in image. It's actually potentiometer. 5 pin potentiometer. See this link...
  3. N

    Enter E-GPV Right Stick and Left Trigger problem.

    I was playing Alien Isolation and whenever I put my RS down the revolver comes up. I found my problem. But any solution to this? - - - Updated - - - This solution worked:-
  4. Flash

    Kids say the darndest things

    It's about kids saying some creepy things, to the adults. Some creeped me out for a minute. Found this from reddit Kids say the darndest things. - Imgur Have you experienced any?
  5. gameranand

    Is my Second GPU Slot Dead ??

    Hi I have the following Configuration with Asus Maximus V Formula Motherboard Intel Core i7 3770K Asus Maximus V Formula Corsair Vengeance 2133MHz 4GB *2 WD 2 TB Black Edition (WD2002FAEX) *2 Sapphire HD7870 GHz Edition *2 Crossfire Setup Corsair RM850 Cooler Master Storm Trooper ATX...
  6. elafanto

    App made for FUN

    I am sharing few apps I found great for fun making, You can also share if you found any... 1. To change the thumbnail of image on whatsapp. 2. Dekha Bhai App meme Generator...
  7. Nerevarine

    Discussion: Counterfeit products : Transcend/Kingston RAM

    I have found out that many sellers, have been selling counterfeit transcend , kingston RAM.. Snapdeal already gave refund on a similar counterfeit product but this time I tried .. I ordered one from a reputed seller (5 petals) to check if they sell genuine ones before ordering a full...
  8. Revolution

    Help Me To Find/Buy Desk Lamp for Drafting/Drawing

    Hi, I'm LF a adjustable desk lamp. I need for for my engineering drawing. Pls tell me where can I get desk lamp in Kolkata ? Doesn't matter online of local shop if price is reasonable. What may be approximate price ? I found the following link which may suit me but not available locally...
  9. A

    Phone in the range of 35K

    Looking for a phone in 35K budget. Right now found LG g and LG G pro 2. Please help.
  10. RON28

    Where to buy Zowie Fk mouse in India??

    I want to buy Zowie fk mouse, but it isn't available in India. I searched and but still couldn't found this mouse. anyone here know where i can get this mouse in India?
  11. R

    Xiaomi Mi 3 bugs

    I found this thread and was apprehensive to buy Mi3 as it has several bugs. Let me know as soon as you get your Xiaomi Mi 3 if there are any bugs.
  12. K

    Need Advice !!

    I am from Delhi and looking for directaccess appliance. I did a lot of research on web. I found a review by celestix networks. I am looking for something like that. I want to know a good place to get that. Help me out please.
  13. Superayush

    Job as computer hacker

    As the title suggests what should be my roadmap if I wish to pursue above job profile as a career I have completed 10+2 science and would most probably doing b tech cse I was looking through topics of cryptography in computer science (RSA CRYPTOGRAPHY, MODULAR ARITHEMATIC , algorithms )...
  14. S

    i found new eCommerce called easydeal

  15. L

    NZXT Gamma in Mumbai?

    I want to buy a decent cheap Cabinet so shortlisted NZXT gamma and found its not available in Delhi. On some threads i found out its probably available on local shops in Mumbai!! Now i have a interview in Mumbai on 12th July and will reach there on 11th morning so i want to know from where i...
  16. deepak_ds

    need alternatives for matlab

    OS: UBUNTU 14.04 I need a software for simulation as in MATLAB in windows. I found the alternative for programming.
  17. Ironman

    Moto G 4G

    I need a Mobile Right Now :shock: and i cant wait I Browsed & Researched for 2 days and came up with - Best VFM Moto G But it has no Expandable memory Then i heard about Moto G 4G But its nowhere to be found in India Now guys : Will i go for Moto G ? or else please...
  18. K

    Headphones for gaming and movies/tv shows for under 2.5k. ok with used

    Hi I play games (mostly smite and COD) on pc also movies and tv shows. not much music. not bass head but dont hate it.using hd 201 for a while but lack of bass is making them boring. SO looking for headset/over ear headphones under 2.5k i am ok with buying used from olx. i was going to get...
  19. S

    Hi All

    Hello All.I am Sahasra from India.Newbie here. I came across to this forum when I was searching for Web programming forums and I was so excited to join it. This forum is so interested as well I found it very much informative.
  20. Niilesh

    Mouse under 500 rs

    the title says it all. I need new mouse(usb) budget is 500rs. Whats the best mouse available in this price range with decent build quality? Some mouse i found on flipkart: HP X500 USB 2.0 Mouse - HP: iBall Style 09 USB 2.0 Optical Mouse - iBall:
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