1. S

    Issue in formatting Micro SD Card.

    Few files have become 0 bytes in my micro SD Card. Unable to delete, move, copy etc. As I already have backup of the files, I tried to format the card. When formatting on my Redmi Note 9 Pro, the device keeps rebooting till I removed the card. tapping storage in settings also once crashed the...
  2. G

    Sd card not formatting

    Windows says unable to format. I inserted in sd card slot in my laptop. This is my card - sandisk ultra micro sd HC 1 class 10.
  3. Pratik Pawar

    micro SD Card problem

    guys, my friend has a micro SD card of 8 gb in her 3 yr old samsung, android 4.0.4 brand is some "HOPE":-? but the phone doesnt detect it. on my PC (win 7) its seen just as a blank drive. no filesystem, not even RAW I cant open it, asks for formatting, but even after waiting for 2 hours...
  4. B

    Windows xp administrator password

    Hi Guys, A friend of mine has forgotten his Windows XP's password. Is there any way to login without formatting? Thanks
  5. M

    Sandisk 64 GB Dual Drive gives error on my mobile phone

    recently i bought 64 GB sandisk dual drive for use on my androide 4.2.1 device. earlier I was using 32 GB sandisk dual drive since one year on same phone i.e. XOLO Q700. but surprisingly i found that its showing message ""External USB storage is damaged" bu t it works perfectly fine when...
  6. B

    How to Erase Data from HDD

    Hello i am going to sell my HDD so just wanted to make sure that there are no Data on my HDD. Please advise whether just Formatting the Drive will be sufficient or i have to do anything else to be sure ?
  7. M

    Data Lost after formatting PC

    I recently formatted my windows 7 pc and after it what i see is my D drive showing that it is occupying the memory space but not showing any data...Please help me out... its really urgent....
  8. A

    Moto G 2014 - MicroSD card

    Does Moto G 2nd gen support 64 GB Micro SD cards ?. The official specs say that it supports a max of 32 GB.Some forums say that formatting the memory card in the FAT 32 format would make it compatible with Moto G. Any Ideas ?
  9. D

    Problem with micro SD card

    I have micro SD card which I use as pendrive with the help of card reader. Recently, it has got corrupted. Whenever I plug it in my computer it shows that the drive has to be formatted. I have some important data in it. I want to recover data before formatting it. I have googled for it. But...
  10. K

    How to format Pen Drive?

    Hi Guys, It relates to Windows 7 ultimate. When I was working with my pen drive,it automatically said that your pen drive needed formatting. When I tried to do so, it again said that it was copy writed. I do not know how to solve the problem.
  11. amjath

    Windows was not able to complete the format - USB drive

    Hi, I had a infected USB drive. Forgot its infected, used rufus to make usb boot for XP. When rufus tried formatting, the operation did not complete. So i tried formatting directly it pops this error "Windows was not able to complete the format" Tried formatting via disk management same issues...
  12. P

    Not able to Format iBall USB Drive

    Dear All, I have been trying to format one of my iBall Cordial 8GB pen drive but when i do that it says the disk is write protected. 1) I tried the registry settings as well as low level formatting. Do you have any idea how can i proceed with it or do i dump it. There are few folders...
  13. netizen3000

    Formatting password protected micro sd card

    Guys need help with formatting my 4gb transcend hc microsd card ,it had a password i tried to format the card in my phone in which i failed.So i tried to format using windows connecting the card to a card reader the drive was shown when i try to open it the following dialog box appears if i...

    32 Gb micro SD dead?? last resort!!

    i have a 32 gb micro sd card made in australia '3c PRO' class 6 (was a gift). while backing up data from card to pc it stopped.when reconnected it asked me to format. during formatting,another pop up came up saying "windows unable to format" i tried quick format,format used...
  15. Terabyte

    [SOLVED] Doubt about Kaspersky Internet Security 2012

    I have just purchased KIS 2012. I was wondering that if I install it now and say format my PC in few months time can I still use the same key to install KIS after formatting? Thanks!
  16. ritvij

    fifa 12 throws side by side config error

    i installed fifa 12 after re formatting my pc but now it shows side by side config error. i googled a bit and even reinstalled microsoft visual c++ redistributable but the game still shows the same error. my drivers are up to date. before formatting it worked fine. here's a screen shot.
  17. Niilesh

    HTML to PDF conversion

    Hey Guys I have to submit computer HTML project but it's formatting is not retained while printing So guys I need help Can anyone convert This into PDF or any other format in which formatting is preserved?(like JPEG)
  18. X

    Problem after formatting....

    Hi.. I have 4 gb of ram and i5 750 .. ASUS p7p55d Mobo. now after formatting with my win 7 ultimate.. my system shows only 2 gb of ram. Previously before formatting it was showing 4 gb (Usable 2 Gb). Now i have used some others utility to check if my modules are detected by the mobo. I saw that...
  19. A

    hdd warning message at bios

    Hi got a 1tb green wd sata internal hardisk. Now for a few days am getting bios warnings that its got some error on every boot. I got around 900gb of data already on it and got no means to backup the data. Also i noticed it is detected as ide in windows 7. My bios got AHCI enabled for sata...
  20. V

    write protected

    I have a 4GB i-ball pen drive which is write protected. I can read the files but i cannot delete/move/copy from the pen drive, even formatting s not possible. how do i remove write protected and format the drive? Thanks!
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