1. Aravind Ram

    Transcend Micro SD Card Corrupted

    Hi. I have a 16 GB Class 10 Transcend Micro SD HC Card. I use it in my Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Android device. I was copying files from my sd card to my laptop and then I deleted some photos from my sd card in bulk (around 2 GB). But the deletion speed was very slow and when the process was...
  2. Sanny

    computer keeps restarting itself

    Hi, Whenever i start my computer, i get a blue bios screen with following details: GIGABYTE _ UEFI Dual BIOS (Screen Title) BIOS has been reset - Please decide how to continue (Dialog or popup title) Options: 1.Load optimized defaults then boot (by default highlighted) 2.Load optimized...
  3. wwwescape

    RAW SD Card

    I have an SD card which was used formatted as internal storage on an Android 6.0.1 mobile. That mobile is no longer functional and I wanted to use the SD card again on another device. However, before I use the SD card, I need to format it. The issue is that the brand and size of the SD card is...
  4. anarchy0x

    Xiomi Redmi Note 4G Locked!

    I locked my Xiomi Redmi Note 4G & can't get in. I didn't register in MUI, so will I have to format it or there's some other way I can get it back? - - - Updated - - - Anyone please?
  5. S

    YouTube network's plan to trademark 'react' sparks backlash

    YouTubers hit back at Fine Bros’ attempt to trademark word over fears that the pair are trying to seize entire concept of the reaction video format YouTube network's 'react' trademark attempt sparks backlash | Technology | The Guardia
  6. A

    HD keeps asking me to format it.

    Hey guys, So I bought a new 4TB Seagate HD a bout a month ago and recently it has decided to go nuts. When I go to access something I have on there I get a message telling me I need to format the drive before I can use it. Gyazo - dae308610196b9d4c142700da711cea2.png This has been done about...
  7. demoninside9

    How to format whatsup Status

    Hi Is there any tool or way to format whatsup status like font style color and size? Please let me know. Thanks
  8. ajayritik

    Need software to convert HD Videos to format that can play on my PMP

    I recently got my Cowon A3 PMP fixed which can play FLAC files and Videos files. However most of the videos I have are HD that is either 1080p or 720p which I try to play on my PMP says resolution not supported. Do we have any software which can convert these to formats which can be played on...
  9. Empirial

    Corrupt Micro SD

    Hi, I've a Strontium 32GB Class 6 SD and it seems to be severely corrupted. *Windows 7 can't access or Format Files. *Tried CHKDSK method in Dos Prompt but it Cannot Access Volume. *My Ubuntu 14.04 can't read the Card *3rd Party Apps like HP Format Tool, SD Formatter, W7 Disk...
  10. ramakanta

    Save Online Book as .Pdf

    is there any Android software to save the online eBooks as .pdf format .thank you.
  11. M

    Sandisk 64 GB Dual Drive gives error on my mobile phone

    recently i bought 64 GB sandisk dual drive for use on my androide 4.2.1 device. earlier I was using 32 GB sandisk dual drive since one year on same phone i.e. XOLO Q700. but surprisingly i found that its showing message ""External USB storage is damaged" bu t it works perfectly fine when...
  12. bestpain

    wd 1tb green hdd problem

    i had ordered a 1tb wd green hdd through ebay and yesterday it got delivered ...packing was good and was sealed was also reading in bios but when i tried installing windows then error code 0x80070057 is coming saying windows can not format partition,then i tried using it as secondary disk...
  13. S

    Xiaomi Mi4i - Date format & Location problem

    Hi all, I recently purchased a Xiaomi Mi4i. Facing two problems :- a) Date format - I have selected the date format as 31/12/99 (dd/mm/yy). The home screen is showing the date in this format. However, sms is showing date as 12/31 (mm/dd). Cant find any settings for changing this. b)...
  14. ajayritik

    Need Free Software to convert Youtube Videos to DVD or VCD format

    Hi Friends, There are some old Movies in youtube which my uncle wants to watch on his DVD player. What will be the best software to convert these videos(Hindi Movies) into DVD Format. Till recently I have used VSO Convert X to DVD but yesterday when I converted using the same software the...
  15. Ironman

    HDD - Need of Formatting ?

    I have faced a scenario where i have to erase all the data in a HDD and fill it again one one by while sorting the files properly HDD in Question : Portable 1 TB Seagate Main Reason to do it : Fragmentation My Question. Which one is better ? Quick Format or Full Format ? Which of them will...
  16. Subhankar Mondal

    apple mac os install / format

    I want to learn how to format mac book pro. no os cd is provided. Be elaborate in your explanation.
  17. B

    Trouble with AV

    Guys, I have been having a lot of trouble with the Avast AV that I am using for my Laptop. Its unable to detect most virus' and in the last 6 months I have had to format my system 3 times. Its tedious & time consuming. Any suggestions guys on which other AV I could use?
  18. adityak469

    PC not booting, not able to format

    I bought a new HDD(WD Blue) yesterday and installed it. After installing, the PC isn't booting and i removed the HDD, tried booting, all in vain. I tried to format it, but the screen is stuck at starting windows after loading windows files. What to do ? Please help - - - Updated - - - and when...
  19. I

    Flash memory vs hard drive disc

    Hello everybody I've tried to increase my knowledge of flash memory as it is becoming more popular. Please let me ask a few questions on the differences which are between them. 1. Is it possible to restore date from flash memory after formatting it (say it is a pen drive)? We might do...
  20. P


    To The Digit Team, Hi,This is my 1st post to you.I have a 2gb Sandisk Micro SD card.It was working properly till I found that it is not showing up in the mobile.I tried to connect it to my laptop by the reader.The card showed on my laptop but Windows showed me a message...
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