computer keeps restarting itself


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Whenever i start my computer, i get a blue bios screen with following details:

GIGABYTE _ UEFI Dual BIOS (Screen Title)
BIOS has been reset - Please decide how to continue (Dialog or popup title)
1.Load optimized defaults then boot (by default highlighted)
2.Load optimized defaults then reboot
3.Enter BIOS

I have tried all three options, but it keeps poping up on every new boot session.
My computer does not shutdown properly as it restarts the system on clicking shutdown option. I had to switch off from main switch board every time.
After trying all options, when the system shows desktop, in the taskbar few icons are not visible, they will take space on screen but wont be visible.
To make them visible , i have to reboot the system.
Once the reboot is done, icons in task bar becomes visible and the incorrect system time is shown. Sometimes system shuts down randomly. I gave my system to a local computer repair shop, they were able to start the system, but could not find a solution for auto restart. Now my system is not starting as i cannot see the motherboard logo on screen which use to come before.

My system specs:

Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-B75M-D3H
Processor: Intel i5 (3rd gen may be)
RAM: 8GB ddr3 1600 mhz Corsair Vengeance(4 GB X2)
PSU: VS650 Corsair
Graphic card:HD7850 GDDR5 2GB

I have 4 usb ports on the front panel of cabinet and 3 at the back panel.
Front usb's and audio jack does not work properly, back ones does work well.

I have given my cpu cabinet to a local computer repair shop as i do not have spare parts to test various components of the system.

The computer guy told me that there was a issue with BIOS chip and he had replaced it and now it has began to boot properly.
But it is unable to load windows so he suggested to re install it. I told him to format C drive (where old windows 7 is installed) and install new windows on it. He was unable to format that particular device to dynamic feature of hard drive disk. Now he wants to do total format of device in order to install new windows.

I had already partitioned this hard drive into 4 drives before and now its causing issue to format just one partition. why?

I have shared a link containing the snapshot of motherboard, where i marked with black border, inside which a black coloured square shaped thing is there. He told me that he had replaced a chip which was beneath that square thing to make the system boot. He also pointed out that there is some issue with my graphic card as it was not giving any display out on connecting it to monitor. He is now able to see boot screen with direct connection to motherboard. Here is the link to that snapshot: gigabyte motherboard main view
As per motherboard architecture diagram, Intel B75 chip is there under the black square thing.
Can that(Intel B75 chip) be replaced?

Can i revive my graphic card? If not what should be my alternate option for new graphic card which would support current config?

I'm sorry for the long post.

Please reply as soon as possible.



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I guess, the issue is because of dead/corrupted CMOS battery for the BIOS reset message. Buy new one, and try starting the PC with minimal hardware.
I have the same MOBO and had similar issue like boards starts re-booting after few seconds after switching on PSU. I gave it to the repair shop and they were able to fix the issues and run a test. But the irony is that issue keeps arising and they said MOBO is not working properly as they tried every option out of it. I was trying to get the same motherboard. Again another irony, the board is out of market. Can't find in Online retail stores as well. As of now, I have ordered H61 series MOBO to suit my i5 3550 processor. Better we have to start building our PC once again from scratch...


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I assume from your post that your rebooting issue has been resolved by a technician and you are stuck up at reformatting Windows partition.
Try Live Linux bootable DVD and explore using GParted app from therein to reformat Windows partition only. Check if that works.
Is there any specific reason that you created a Dynamic disk?


Right off the assembly line
The technician got the display back, updated BIOS and replaced old CMOS battery. The Blue BIOS screen is still coming once a while and the restart problem still exists. Shall i try shorting BIOS 1 on MOBO like shown in this video
? Please recommend alternate motherboard and graphic card for my current config.


Right off the assembly line
I found the solution to this problem, that was to replace the current motherboard with GA-H61M-S and now everything is working fine. Thanks everyone for your suggestions.
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