1. Sam22

    Apple Vs Samsung :: which is better and Why?

    I am looking to get a new phone next month and I am confused between Apple and Samsung. As a Brand I am told that Apple is much better than Samsung. What you say folks??
  2. M

    Some opinions!!

    I folks you guys are really great help. I am travelling to India next month and had a question in mind. A local store here in Canada has a sale on Tv's and giving out LG55LM6400 for 800$ which is equivalent to around 45000 INR. Is it a good investment rather than buying a TV from India even...
  3. S

    samsung grand duos

    Dear Folks, I have bought new phone today Samsung Grand Duos, can you guide me on following > Any Advice from our folks on using this phone > How to copy contacts from N97 to this phone & Backup as well > Any new or good software which will be essential for this phone Thanks...
  4. doomgiver

    STEAM premium account required

    as some of you know, a hacker took control of my account last year, and i've not been able to play on steam for 9 months (due to steam not working on tata photon + ) in jan this year, i finally switched ISP's. now i have got steam installed, and im in the preocess of getting my account back...
  5. M

    Cellphone for parents (old, retired folks)

    Hi Dudes and Dudesses.... Need your help / suggestions on purchase of a couple of cellphones for my friend's parents. Basically, his folks want to experience "touch". So, a touchscreen camera phone is an absolute MUST. The only thing they will do with these phones is make calls. And receive...
  6. S

    GolcchaIT reliablity , need help bangalore folks

    All bangalore folks out there please let me know how reliable is golccha computers for online buying , I need to buy a CM Sirus from there and considering it as an expensive item i just wanted to have a feedback regarding the safety of ordering the same from Golccha
  7. C

    Which Lappy to buy this Diwali?

    Hey folks! This is my first post on I'm planning for a new gaming laptop this diwali. Budget is 70k. Confused between the SONY VPCCB38FN / HP dv6 6121tx / HP dv6 6165tx! I liked the Sony one because it has a backlid keyboard and a FULL HD display. But the HP one has a 2GB...
  8. R

    Opera Unite ids to share

    guys we need to share our unite ids with the tdf folks mine is
  9. K

    wanna sell 6210 navigator?

    hey folks i wanna sell my 6 months old nokia 6210? interested folks may pm me....... price is negotitable..... range is between 6200-8000? as it was gist to me so i dont have a bill... but i have all other accesories of it wid a box? reply me asap... looking for quick sale...
  10. Ethan_Hunt

    Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X Official Demo

    Links: * * * Main Link via Ubisoft: * Try the...
  11. iinfi

    Linux tools

    Do we have any free tools available for linux admins. like tool to create dns server. configure vsftpd. any such stuff which you folks mite have used. i am mainly interested in RHEL platform. thank you
  12. G

    I love grey Mumbai! :)

    Hats off to Mumbai and its Gray dealers (whom I didn't have much knowledge about so far). I've always felt bad about how graphics cards (the high end ones) are priced outrageously in India, but not anymore. I've finally found the panacea to the m.fckin distributors and re-sellers who jack the...
  13. V

    100 days of KIS license

    Folks, Get 100 days of KIS license for free.. *
  14. panacea_amc

    Engineering Coachings

    thank u folks. this thread is now closed.
  15. ray|raven

    A Collaborative Blog on Linux.

    I was thinking, there is a lot of information here in the OpenSource section, but it is largely inaccessible, also, we have people who know are very knowledgeable on Linux , so how about starting a blog on Linux, which will have Tips & Tricks, How-to's , News , Reviews and anything regarding...
  16. nithinks

    Suggest me a mobile < 11K

    Hi folks, Can anyone suggest me a mobile below 11k range..?
  17. ajayritik

    What's the best thing to keep awake?

    I have an exam coming in few days. What is the best thing to keep me awake from sleeping in the night? Earlier I used to drink tea to keep me awake. Do you think Coffee would be better? What do you say folks?
  18. A

    Samsung me !!

    Hey, i have a Samsung 18x DVD Writer, n hell, it takes around and hour to burn a 16x DVD. wot am i supposed to do? plz help me folks!!
  19. I

    Xbox 360 For Sale

    Hey der Folks, M selling off ma almost new box System i.e XBOX 360 Live with 1 controller,1 AV cable,I Power adapter and 1 Memory Card for XBOX 360. The XBOX 360 is modded so you can play all those cheaper game DVDs. I am also giving out two game titles i.e. Gears of War (Microsoft) and...
  20. L

    N95 or SE W960i or E90 ?

    Hi folks, I have a friend coming in from south korea next week. He can bring me a mobile from there. Please advise, which mobile to buy - the N95, The SE W960i or the E90 and why ? please help me folks. thanks lovemeall26 Oh I forgot to add the Blackberry pearl or the blackberry curve.
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