Suggest me a mobile < 11K

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if you concern more about camera then go with k790i that has excellent 3.2 mega pix camera
for both good music and cam w810i is the best which has good 2mega pix cam like k750i
for nokia side 6500 slide or classic is good ones. prices higher than 11k


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Don't look elsewhere and waste your money, just go ahead & pick Motorola's Motoming a1200. It is everything that you can ask for in a cell phone. You should get it for Rs. 10,200.


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If camera performance is important, get SE K790i. If music quality is important, get Nokia 5310. If you want a smartphone get Nokia 5700. For a touch screen phone, get Motorola ROKR E6.


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Camera and music: W810i : Rs.9k
extremely slim and music: nokia 5310: Rs.9.5k
Powerful smartphone and music: Motorola E6 : Rs.10.5k
Slim music and camera : W610i : Rs.10.2k

I bought E6 and if you like modding the phone, this will be the best choice. Nothing comes anywhere near to this phone in terms of performance-per-paisa.


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If possible, add 1K to your budget and get a Nokia 5610. Its around 12K these days.

If budget is a constraint, consider W610i, 5310, 5700 in that range. Choose acc. to your requirements :)


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Can I compare the features of cellphones in some website? it would be great if someone can give me the link
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