1. R


    a brain can generate innumerable number of impulses rite so. how to create a programm 4 all that n e idea folks? plz advice n e thing that comes to ur mind
  2. S

    Internet 2 ......what is it?

    hello folks! could somebody tell me what is Internet2 ? is it anything related to iPv6 ?
  3. S

    Gmail setting in N70

    Folks.... Can some tell me how to configure gmail in N70 ??? Please .............
  4. I

    compaq laptop reviews

    hey guys has anyone had any experiences with compaq laptops in the past few months ? i am thinking of buying the Compaq Presario V3000 .. however i am not hearing many great things about them... so i am wondeering if anyone here has purchased one recently or if anyone knows about them esp...
  5. M


    Hi folks i have windos xp profesional setup and i want to make a bootable cd of it i use nero how can i make a xp bootable cd ?
  6. windchimes

    diff b/w AGP n PCI...?

    hi folks, what is the difference between AGP n PCI...?? Windchimes
  7. tuXian

    .:: GPL 3.0 to Penalize Google, Amazon? ::.

    Is this the start of a shakedown by the GNU folks? Michael Singer writes that Eben Moglen and the folks rewriting the GPL are looking at a proposal where companies would be required to pay money if they use GPLed software, even if they don't redistribute the software." From the article: "The...
  8. G

    Suprnova comes out with next generation of p2p ! [eXclusive]

    Meet eXeem BETA v0.16 from the folks of eXeem is a new file-sharing application being developed by the folks at eXeem is a decentralized BitTorrent network that basically makes everyone a Tracker. Individuals will share Torrents, and seed shared files to the...
  9. B

    Desk top maker , cool

    Folks, umm i got one Desktop X installed in my comp , its DEMO , SAD! :) so well all i wanted is to make my desktop like a when some sees it , theyt find it cool, beautyful, unique from others , u got any idea, let me know .. thnks folks !
  10. P

    Best 128 mb card?

    hey folks! i m thinking of upgrading my pc..i want the best 128 mb graphics card.. which is it?? thanks!
  11. A

    UnJAR the JAR files (JAVA)

    I have some jar files that i need to unjar.. can anyone help me how to do it.. thats all folks
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