I folks you guys are really great help. I am travelling to India next month and had a question in mind.

A local store here in Canada has a sale on Tv's and giving out LG55LM6400 for 800$ which is equivalent to around 45000 INR. Is it a good investment rather than buying a TV from India even after paying customs and stuff. I just had a chat with BA and they would carry it in fragile section for 100$. The Tv is also compatible with 240V signal. Only thing I could not find any info is if it will work with the PAL signal from Indian Dish receivers because the TV is NTSC.

Will there be any NTSC compatible set top boxes in India. We could get any reliance, airtel, dishtv..

Thanks a lot again folks :)


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@ manindersinghgill
Yes its totally worth bringing TV from there..
I don't think you need to worry about NTSC OR PAL.. it should work fine here. (not quite sure)
Try to contact service center here in India, they can give you right info.

See if you could get 2013 models which has better PQ.
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