What's the best thing to keep awake?

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I have an exam coming in few days. What is the best thing to keep me awake from sleeping in the night? Earlier I used to drink tea to keep me awake. Do you think Coffee would be better? What do you say folks?


If you just wanna stay awake in night, play lot of games and browse the internet seemlessly. . . :D

if you wanna read. . . . . just imagine you will gonna write the exam next day . . . (it is very hard but will work) and keep washing ur face once in 15 minutes with cold water :)


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yup gigacore is ryte
drink coffee instead of tea..
his exams are on the head and u are telling him to play games online and surf...
kuon bhai tum karte the aisa :p


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if u wanna keep awake the best way is to sleep around 6-7 for a couple of hours get up hav dinner and u will be fresh for a long time ... trust me this is much better than coffee


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phir se padho ... exam likha hai na :D exam hai toh raat ko kabbadi khelne k liye thodi jagega


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The best thing to do IMHO is to never miss sleep especially during exams. Always start preparing steadily from the grounds up and not skipping sleep and mugging it all in one night.


lol cyber boy . . .but he is rite ! ! i read somewhere in internet that we need to have a good sleep during exams . . . wake up at 5 in the morning . . and read. . . thats the reason why most of the important exams start at 9 AM. . . you will finish up ur exams before you feel sleepy as u will wake up early :)


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Study half of the thing at the last moment and think if u dnt then wat will happen,then yr past and future will start flashing in front of yr eyes and then u will study out of fear :D


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well coffee never worked for me... but a game tht pumps ur adrenaline like Q3a or UT helped a lot. But u need to be careful tht u do not get glued to the game instead of focussing bk on the studies...;)


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^ +1

Well drinking coffee does the trick for me, whenever i have to study. Though i would recommend it 2-3 hrs before ur usual daily sleeping time else it wont work. Many at times it happened to me that i went to sleep just half n hour after drinking coffee at abt 10 in the night. :D

Studying in close proximity to a bed distracts the mind a lot too. Try a chair which is comfortable and is having a small backrest such that u cant lean back completely, generally helps .
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