1. I

    Custom Backups of Bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox

    Hello everyone. I have created numerous folders on Mozilla Firefox and have bookmarked multiple links within each of them; as depicted by the illustrative image below - I desire to create backups of the custom folders and its subsequent corresponding links, such that, I can then restore them...
  2. P

    Windows 7 icon/thumbnail view setting always changes globally

    In my Windows 7 machine, whenever I switch a folder view setting between icons and thumbnails, the change always affects all folders, including the desktop. I make the change by ticking or unticking the box in Organize -> Folder and search options -> View -> Always show icons, never...
  3. T

    Importing/Adding Folders to iPhone using iTunes

    How do I add Folders to iBooks library of iPhone in the latest iTunes? I am trying by going to File-->>Add Folder to Library in iTunes as well as iPhone library in iTunes but it does nothing after I select folder. I am really fed up with this... The folder contains word docs, pdf files.
  4. M

    SD Card Data Recovery

    Hi Guys my Lexar SD card got corrupted yesterday. It shows 10gb used in My Computer . But when i open the folders theres only 3gb data displayed. Please help me recover the pics which are very very very important. Regards, Mandar
  5. S

    wd 1tb mypassport woes

    hi all, I have 1tb my passport HDD bought last year which is used for backup only , today I plugged in the HDD my PC started acting wierdly by not responding and became very slow. HDD detects and I can browse main folders but as soon as I go into sub folders PC stops responding. Tried coping...
  6. GhorMaanas

    Suggestions requested for web/fb clippers, webpages saving & categorising softwares

    Hello everyone! am in need of a *free* software for the purposes stated in the subject. till a short time back, what i used to do was, i used to create various folders, categorywise, like 'news articles', 'PC Tech', 'youtube vids', 'weight training', and what-have-you, and various categories of...
  7. Arjun609

    All folders appear as shortcut in USB!!!!!Help!!

    All my files and folders apper as shortcuts in my usb drive!!Is it a virus or usb fault
  8. K

    Password how?

    Hi Guys, It relates to Windows 7 ultimate and Microsoft word 2007.I want to give passwords on folders of Word 2007 and pdf documents seaparately. How to do that?
  9. I

    Privately Sharing Files & Folders Over Internet

    Hello Friends, I have one computer which serves as Server in our office. Our all files like .doc, .docx, xls, .xlsx, etc. are stored in one folder in this computer. The OS of this PC is Windows XP SP2 and it is having BSNL Wired Broadband @ 2.0 mbps speed. I have recently purchased another...
  10. A

    Affected by virus

    A virus has affected my system files. Each drive in my PC now contains RECYCLE.BIN and System Volume Information folders that neither can be deleted nor can be accessed. I know that these are not exactly viruses. These folders are already present. Other than these some album arts are displayed...
  11. masterkd

    Weird chrome behaviour

    My chrome crashed once and after that it refuses to open any webpage or even the chrome:// pages. Tried uninstalling, deleting all chrome related folders, clearing registry but nothing helped See the screenshot below. Any idea how can I fix this? Thanks in advance.
  12. harshilsharma63

    Backup Query

    Hi, I want to know if its sensible to backup the AppData and application Data folder. I do not feel/understand the need to backup these two folders. Please suggest if I should backup them and a reason to do so.
  13. curioustechy

    Files missing from pendrive

    Of late i'd two back to back cases of files missing from my the latest case i copied 2 folders both together having size 13.4gb and when i plugged in that after a day, alas! there were no folders or files in that... but the capacity of pendrive shows that it is 13.4gb occupied...
  14. W

    Can't Get Into Libraries Files

    My folders in the library folder(Document, video, music, and pictures) won't open. There's a green arrow appearing on the icon and the folders say Libraries-MS File if I click on them it doesn't do anything. My favorites in internet explorer are also showing the same green arrow. I've tried...
  15. M

    files diappeared from pen drive

    Recently my pen drive got infected by some viruses. I scanned and cleaned it with comodo internet security. but still large portion of files and folders are invisible in pen drive. but when i start scanning with comodo antivirus, it shows their presence while doing scanning. what should i do...
  16. S

    Extarnal HDD folder locked and Hidden

    Dear All, I have an Extarnal HDD my friend took it from me to copy some movies and he tested a folder lock on it and he forgot the password as well, my folders are hidden and they are locked, till i did not find the password i could not see my folders, is thier any way to get my Data back...
  17. P

    to unlock locked folder

    I have locked the external hard disk drive L folders connected thru USB. I don't know by which software. I want to unlock the folders. Can you pls assist. Thanks
  18. kool

    How to change any Folder Icon in windows 7 ..?

    I want to change all HTML, JPG icon of my choice. Also want to change few folders of my choice like among 20 folders i want to change 2 folder to special one type. like this::: How can i install icon style/set to my system like this?
  19. ratzee199

    Folders created automatically

    In my system, I am getting few folders which were created automatically. The name of these folders are like 50c55ece2ba7eee143 1859e98869b876203c 32c4c4dab690965403dfd2 etc. I am not able to delete them. Whenever I am trying to delete them, I am getting this message: Permission Denied...
  20. S

    How to get a MP3 DVD to play on Sony AZ5D .?

    Hi, I have a Sony DHC-AZ5D Hi-Fi system . I downloaded many song albums in mp3 of the latest movies . I then Burnt those folders ~ 2.8 gb on a DVD using Nero 11, making a Data DVD with all the MP3 folders having MP3 songs in them . Then i tried to play it on My Sony AZ5D player , but...
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