1. Zangetsu

    Sony A68 A-mount DSLR with 4D focus

    Sony has announced its newest DSLR camera in India called the A68. The camera packs in the latest goods including an impressive 4D focus feature and is priced at Rs 55,990. Source : Sony A68 A-mount DSLR with 4D focus launched in India at Rs 55,990 – Tech
  2. K

    Lava V5 a great smartphone under INR 15000

    Hey everyone, if you are looking for a good smartphone under INR 15000 then you can give Lava V5 a try. I was doing some research work and found its features quite impressive. 13 MP camera with fast auto focus, 4G support, 3 GB RAM and lots more priced at INR 11,299. Check this phone folks.
  3. S

    Samsung Focus Screen Flikering

    Dear Guys, I have a Samsung Focus, i am rare use it but from few days ago its screen flickering, then i try hard reset but same prob.I update windows 7.5 to 7.8 but no solution,some time stop when i move to another page or setting page , then again come back. pls help to resolve it.
  4. S

    Laptop for Performance

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) Rs. 50,000 to 70,000 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen Desktop Replacement; 17"+ screen 3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this notebook? This will be used for...
  5. Vyom

    Weird Thoughts Thread

    So lately I have been feeling little philosophical. Started having some strange or weird thoughts about life and all. I started documenting them until I have a few to share. I will start with couple of them and my elaborate thoughts about it. I am wondering whether you guys have some such...
  6. Zangetsu

    Nikon D3100 focus Issue

    Hi Guys, for last few days I am experiencing this Issue (if it is or not) whenever I switch on or click to capture..the Default Kit Lens (motor) makes some (very tiny) noise and adjust the ViewFinder (not the LCD) in zig zag motion (x/y axis) and the screen appears to be does the...
  7. Hrishi

    Need Advice from Engineers & Successful Programmers

    Okay guys , I am not an Engineering student , though I am Science Graduate.(Computer Science. Bsc.IT) I was wondering what all courses , topics do you guys usually study in your regular B.Tech course that practically helps in Programming and Coding. Something that has real use and...
  8. A

    Need Advice for choosing best In the below Waterproof cameras

    Hi, I have shortlisted some water proof camera models I can spend upto 30k rupees i want the best , Plz suggest if u have any other models(upcoming, to be released) also Note:- i have uploaded a image , and have some doubt regarding the features Should the following be less or more...
  9. B

    40-46" LED TV from dubai

    PLEASE ONLY LED NO PLASMA Hello, I would like to know which sony models to purchase from dubai at the moment 46HX925 40HX750 46HX750 40NX720 46NX720 40EX720 46EX720 40EX650 46EX650 From sony mea site this are the range i am looking at... (Focus on SONY please) If u have any...
  10. @

    [For Sale] *like new* Samsung Focus unlocked 12GB Windows TANGO at 7K !

    Product Name: Samsung Focus Expected Price: Rs 7000 INR Shipping charges : Buyer's risk, buyer's preferred, paid by buyer Manufacturer page URL: really ? Description if any: The phone is in absolute pristine condition, there are hardly any marks & phone looks almost like brand new. The phone...
  11. marvelousprashant

    Looking for a camera with manual controls, budget upto 16k

    So I am looking for a camera with manual controls ie PSAM mode dial and manual focus. I've short listed a few 1. Canon SX230/220HS - Is it discontinued? Can't find it online. Sx240 is out of my budget. SX230 is my benchmark camera.... Anything under 16k beats it in terms of quality? 2...
  12. H

    How to generate keystrokes for use by any program?

    I need to make an application which will run in the background but send keystrokes to the application which is presently in focus. e.g - When system time is 11am, it will send keystrokes to write 11AM in the application which has focus. Sending keystrokes just as if those keys were pressed...
  13. U

    Advice for buying compact camera with many manual controls

    I have used point and shoot cameras for a while now... I don't have budget for buying a I want to buy a compact camera with many manual controls like manual focus,shutter speed etc... My budget is upto 15k... I looked upon this canon powershot sx150 IS...which it says has...
  14. A

    A few questions on settings.. (Nikon D3100)

    >AFS C or S ? what and why ? >Whats metering ? >How to focus on a subject then move the cam so place the subjet on the side without loosing the focus ? >Pic saving quality Normal, smooth or what ? and why ?
  15. nac

    Understanding camera settings...

    Hi! Recently, I bought Canon SX130 IS. I understood few things by reading the manual and some information from online. Even after reading, I couldn't understand the depth of the information I read. There are lot I didn't understand completely. I thought of asking before, but I felt it was too...
  16. R

    Pls Suggest a phone

    Hi guys, I need a mobile with the following specs. Please suggest me a phone. My Budget is Rs. 10000-15000 GSM: Yes capacitive touch screen: yes Multi-touch input method: Yes Scratch-resistant glass: Yes primary camera: 8mp or more Flash: Yes secondary camera: yes Camcorder HD...
  17. S

    mobile buying suggestion

    im gone buy mobile so guys suggest me which one will be better budget:8000 key feature needed: focus on good camera and big screen brand:Nokia and Samsung
  18. Stuge

    Shoot Now ,Focus Later !!

    Lytro - The Start of a Picture Revolution - YouTube
  19. R

    Samsung Focus at 14000

    Hi guys ebay is selling samsung focus for 14k will it be a good deal *Mango* UNLOCKED SAMSUNG FOCUS I917 WINDOWS 7 3G 8GB 5MP | eBay also how is it camera features and since it is unloacked ..will it be reliable
  20. S

    can you guide me sir

    i am a btech passout in IT this year. can u guide me sir. its been 4 months after the btech and have no job. at this stage i know the basics of java,c.. also , can you guide me what a software developer profile person actually does. do i have to be very good at coding , , i am not been able to...
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