[By Demand] July 2008

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Fedora 9 vs Ubuntu hardy vs Mandriva Review.
and Linux corner permanantly on magazine please!


Could have posted the preview so demands would have been easier. anyway try to give fedora 9.


Isnt this ironic that while Indians working in call centers provide tech support to people from North America and Europe, tech support of Indian companies for and by Indian people is really lousy.

How about you run reviews of customer services of product companies like HW and software and service providers like ISPs, Telcos and online service providers.
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I hope you could give us a fast-track on video cards and something about drivers. I also would request you to reduce the number of ads.

1. Change mag name from Digit - Your Technology Navigator to something like Digit - Your Classifields Navigator

2. Seriously guys, reduce the number of ads in the magazine, or just have a booklet dedicated to tech ads.

3. Fast Track to anything thats CrossPlatform will be fine. How about Maya PLE ?

4. Still waiting for some good linux articles For Intermediate Users


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1. No damage CD/DVD again........please
2. nVIDIA nforce drivers for 7,8 and 9 series. Since 9 drivers dont work on 7 series ( for those who dont have internet to download )
3. Dont give OLD movie again......please
4. Cars Wallpapers ( like u used to put before)
5. Tutorials to 3ds max

and please..........reduce about 5 to 10% of your ads......


whatever you do , do perfectly, on special editions the packaging is very badly done..give some good full fps game ( some old one if not new) ..mobile softwares , useful sites,, some good movie like matrix series, harry potter..etc


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Lets see what you're including in the june special edition - then I'll Demand my stuff :D


1)Reduce the no. of Ads.
2)Fasttrack on any programming language(I include this request everytime but to no avail)


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>>>>>>>>>>>>> My Wish List For July 2008 Issue <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

VMware Workstation for Windows 6.5 Build 91182 Beta - Please please please add this

VMware Workstation for Linux 6.5 Build 91182 Beta - Please please please add this

NeroLINUX - Please please please add this

Microsoft WorldWide Telescope Spring Beta - Please please please add this
Turn your PC into a virtual telescope

Security Tools:

Comodo Firewall Pro
Spyware Doctor Beta
Ad-Aware 2008
SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition 4.1.1046
AntiVir Personal Edition for Windows
Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool 1.41
Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer 2.1
a-squared Free
avast! Home 4.8.1201


JetAudio Basic 7.1.0
VLC (VideoLAN) for Linux 0.8.6g
DivX for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista
Real Alternative Regular 1.8.0
GermaniX Transcoder Beta4a
Microsoft Pro Photo Tools 1.0
DivX Converter 6.6.1 Beta 1
Adobe Flash Player for Linux Beta
Adobe Flash Player for Windows Beta
Blender for Windows 2.46
WindowBlinds 6.1 Build 55
Microsoft Zune (x86) 2.5
Microsoft Zune (x64) 2.5


Opera for Windows 9.50 Build 10014 Beta
FileZilla v3 for Windows 3.0.10
Mozilla Firefox Portable Edition 3.0 RC1
Mozilla Thunderbird Portable Edition
K-Meleon 1.5 Beta
LimeWire for Windows 4.17.9 Beta


Notepad++ 4.9.2
Microsoft XNA Game Studio 3.0 CTP
Toolset which makes creating great video games

System Utilities

InfraRecorder 0.45.0
RyanVM's Windows XP Post-SP2 Update Pack 2.2.2

Nvidia Forceware 6 & 7 Series Drivers For XP & Vista 32 bit & 64 bit

Horodruin - Synchronize two or more folders at once

Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE) 6 Update 10 Beta
RivaTuner 2.09
Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 SP1 (
UseShots Editor Beta
ASUS PC Probe II 1.04.49
Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility
Foxit Reader 2.3 Build 2923
VirtualBox 1.6
AbiWord for Windows 2.6.3


LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures Demo

Linux Distros

SLAX 6.0.7
Slackware Linux 12.1
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