1. P

    Recommend Games

    Hi Guys, I have recently build gaming PC (thanks to thinkdigit fourm). I have GPU r7 240 ddr 5 (according to budget). Can you suggest some games except COD(Black OPS , i have finished them). MY taste:- preference- 3rd person games,first person also will do depends on games. my Favourite...
  2. adityak469

    FIFA 12 Free Key

    FIFA 12 Free Key[OFFER IS OVER] Admins don't delete me or this post. I'm just trying to spread the news. :) Yes you read that right. Gillette and EA have partnered up to give free FIFA 12 Keys. :D Follow the steps below to redeem it- And no. This is b=not a Scam or a Reference ID S#!t...
  3. N

    Fifa 13 Squad Update Offline

    Hello friends , i have fifa 13 (Genuine ) and i have a updated roaster file on my pc , is there a way i can use this file and update squads on my brothers pc , he is in a remote area with little internet access ,so if he could just use this file directly ?? Is there a way ??
  4. S

    FIFA 13 jagged / pixelated edges in 1920x1080

    Hello Guys, This is a strange problem that I'm facing with FIFA 13. I'm running the game on a 1920x1080 full HD monitor. The game runs absolutely fine, but all the characters appear with jagged edges. This doesn't happen with game videos but with the rendered images. All other games are...
  5. anky

    Buying FIFA for the first time

    Hello friends.. I have been playing fifa pirated version only, but now i have started earning and i am planning to buy FIFA 14.This will be the first original game i will be purchasing.So pls tell me what are the differences between pirated and original version, and from where should i buy it...
  6. D

    Best game pad within Rs.500 ???

    Guys will you please suggest me some of the best budget gamepad within 500 INR. I use it often to play fifa...I already had 2 "Enter" game pad but both of them doesn't last long.
  7. A

    Entropay Problem:Help asap

    Hi, I am using entropay vcc and I have around $33.14 in it So I was trying to buy Fifa 14 from origin but origin always declines the payment btw fifa cost Rs. 1,749.30 and I also own debit cards of axis and sbi banks (AFAIK They don't work with origin ) Since I am buying for 1st time from...
  8. R

    Fifa 14 squad update

    Can anyone please help me?? Updated the squads in my fifa 14 .....some players rating increased. But when I restarted the game the ratings went back to its original form that like it was before update.I don't know why.
  9. 2kool2btrue

    PC ~17-20k for playing FIFA and other daily tasks

    Hey! My cousin is looking forward to buying a PC that can handle FIFA 14 at high settings and other games at medium settings(no AA, AF, required). Other than that he'll be using it for browsing the internet, using office apps, watching HD movies, etc. Nothing too taxing.. Also, there should...
  10. I

    Help: How to play Fifa 14 on old laptop!

    I have a old(?) dell inspiron 15. I want play only 2 games - Fifa 14 and Counter Strike. CS works smoothly and Fifa 13 is playable. I don't want to play any other games, no other heavy gfx stuff. Only routine - internet, ebooks, videos etc. All these is handled very well by my laptop even...
  11. K

    Need Advice On Consoles

    Hello Guys, I had posted in the PC configurations forums about a month back regarding the purchase of an 80k pc, but I have hit a snag and looking towards a console right now. First off, Ps3 12 gb or xbox 360 4gb ? flipkart has them priced around 15500 and 16500 respectively. * I dont...
  12. H

    Best mid-range graphic card

    Best graphic card for 3.5k....for playing games like nfs mw2,nfs run,bf,cod 1,2,3...blackops2...fifa...crysis,ac1,2,3 farcry etc
  13. lovedonator

    FIFA 14 Next Gen not coming to PC

    EA has confirmed that the next gen FIFA 14 powered by the new ignite engine will only be released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.:shock: This comes as a very shocking and disappointing news for all the FIFA fans who play the game on PC as the changes made by the ignite engine are looking quite...
  14. sam9953

    FIFA 13 freezes on its own while playing

    Okay so this is the thing, I was using a PS3 controller with my PC to play FIFA 13 on my PC, now a week back I bought an Xbox controller and started using that for FIFA 13 on my PC, I actually think that changing the controller has no affect on this freezing problem of mine but I still wanted...
  15. sam9953

    What steps can I take to remove game lags, freeze etc in FIFA 13

    Hi, I am using a HP G6 2005ax. I am an avid FIFA 13 player and sometimes I see lags and slowing down of game and screen crystalization while playing the game, these days I have seen that my laptop has started to heat quite a lot when I play FIFA 13. So I would like to know what steps can I...
  16. A

    How much bandwidth fifa 13 using

    hi guys i am aryan from gurgaon...i play fifa 13 10-12 hours per day.earlier i was on 2mbps unlimited connection but know i m using mts broadband (gb restricted).i want to know how much bandwidth fifa 13 uses per hour to play online........nd plz suggest me a gud wired line broadband with...
  17. R

    Budget keyboard to play FIFA / far cry 3 / nfs run / crysis 3/ gta 4

    Hello guys i need a keyboard to play FIFA / far cry 3 / nfs run / crysis 3/ gta 4 which keyboard below 1000rs should i buy budget : 500- 1000 rs. Need to press keys at the same time like in fifa. My intention is to play fifa with this external KeyBoard, but when I am trying to press 4 buttons...
  18. A

    Gamepad for FIFA / NFS

    Need a game pad (PS3/XBox like controller) for something less than 1000. Are there decent ones available? I would also like to use an OTG cable and pair this with my phone (Galaxy S2) to play games like GTA / FIFA. Thanks, Akash
  19. A

    Blitzkrieg 12

    Blitzkrieg, 19-21 Oct, is the gaming tournament at Tathva, the second largest tech-fest of South India, at NIT Calicut. Featuring the hottest games on the e-sporting scene right now -- DotA Counter-Strike 1.6 FIFA 2012 Need for Speed: Most Wanted and for the first time ever in...
  20. A


    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) * Strictly Under 30000rs Only. 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? * Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen * Desktop Replacement; 17"+ screen 3) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you really don't like? a. Like...
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