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What 2 say mates !
SP2 is thwarting me and my games !

HELP is needed in making the FIFA 2002 PC game run under WinXP+SP2
Tried compatibility mode, but when tried to run the game, the game says that "Fifa 2002 has not been installed correctly"

REINSTALL did not fix the Error !

Can any1 give me the links where I can download updates and patches since the game's release !
Also plz help me to play the game under WinXP+SP2

Is any1 listening ?
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well this error is not regarding WinXp Sp2 i guess.....cause usually this refers to an incomplete installation process....just to make sure if its a compatibility problem,check on a Pc with Win Xp Sp1 or Winodws 98SE if it dosent show the same error then possibly it may be Sp2's issue.....Just try it out :(

Also microsofts database has just this notable error for Fifa 2002 in Win Xp

Get the latest patches out here


FIFA 2002 is my favourite game even today. I play like a mad man. Kick off ..and boom its goal by zidane :D
i can hit goals from literaly anywhere in the field ...
if anybody wana see some of th best goals ask me i will send email to you or upload to my webspace.
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