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I need some help regarding fans

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My system configs are as follows:
intel 915gav,256 mb ram, 40gb hard disk drive-7200 rpm, windows xp sp2.
despite all these whenever I play games like rise of nations or fifa 2005,
or any other game , the system heats up and causes a lot of noise.
pl help


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Ya even i am having the same problem ..I tried a lot but no solution ..I am having Intel Origial 865GBF with 2.4GHZ Processor..Therefore i just hate the Intel processor fans. :( :( :(


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i think he meant that .. whenever the cpu is running at 100% utilization for sometime... the fan spins so fast that it generates a lot of noise too .. besides heat....


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i had the same problem before..

got the processor fan changed and it all worked out well..

the processor fan due to fast spinning had got spoilet and was not working very well.. the RPM had dropped
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