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[Problem] FIFA 2005 Cameras keep changing...

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Hello all FIFA fans,

Plz help me. Im playing FIFA 2005 and whenever I get a corner kick... the camera angle gets changed to either End-to-End or Tele whereas my settings is for Action camera...

I hate it when the camera changes...

Anyone else experiencing this problem?
Plz tell...



the camera angle changes for a corner kick.......but doesnt it revert back to the one u have selected?? if so then theres no problem


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Try modifyin the camera options frm the main menu and save the game ...

or try replacing thre main exe again...


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hey cool dude , i think ur pressing #3 instead of something else,#3 is a hot key 4 end to end cam,
naan ninakairan itha un problem solve pannirum .(r
u tamil?)
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