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fifa 2005

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Lol....another thread with this dicussion.....i mean am tired of this now.....there were many other threads before this as well....will try and round a few.....but in the mean time well the gameplay sotra sucks but the Gfx are just too good....plus Pro Evo Soccer 4 Has an equal edge over it i guess.....its too graphic hungry but equally in a tough league with Fifa 2005 :wink:

Edit: ok here's the main thread that was started way back http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=9258&highlight=fifa+2005 and this one too http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=14500&highlight=fifa+2005


fifa 2k5 is the best

and plz search before posting

i guess mods shld search the threads posted previously abt games and move them to gamez section

atleast hl2,doom3,nfs ug2 all the hot games


abhijeet_ghosh said:
Pro Evolution Soccer 4 kicks FIFA 2005's butt.

I played both. and i think PES 4 sucks. especially after playing the FIFA series all these yrs. the major difference between fifa and pes 4 is that pes is more of an arcade kind of game while fifa is more of a simulation kind of game.

and the worst thing in pes is that chelsea is called west london blues!!!!
now how cr@p is that.

i once had pes and fifa both on my system and when i had to delete one of the two games, it was time for pes to go, but fifa is still here.

and guys, UEFA Cl 2004-05 is out and its a really great game. better than fifa 2005, in all ways. and the season mode is really cool with a different look to it. i mean u have to meet certain targets in every match. like score a goal in first 20 minutes, keep a clean sheet etc. its really cool. u must all try it.


@moshel: I don't know which planet you live on but if you lived on earth then you'd know that the Pro Evolution Soccer series is known for its realistic gameplay and intuitive controls which the FIFA series haven't yet managed to achieve. Every true aficionado of football games knows that.


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Both are good in some respects and bad in some. Its just that what you are looking for in the game. Simulation? Arcade? Do you mind PES not having official teams? Do you want to play with only the real official team? So its just what u are looking for. I like official licensing, good graphics, simulative gameplay of FIFA. That is why it is my favorite. PES might be good in some people's opinion, but then as I said every one looks for different things in the game.


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Oh, here's something for FiFa fans..............

Wanna have a dream career?? Extract this file located at http://www.geocities.com/khattam_khattam/fkhatara.zip and unzip it to "My Documents\Fifa 2005" folder and then load Fifa and then choose Game Modes and then Load................. and load the career named maka. Then look at the squad............... The best players will be there............................ You will be the manager of the best team you can ever dream of.......... Then have a very good career......................hehehhehe


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i think the real fun is when you do all the hard work, win matches and buy n sell players and in the process make your dream team....this is what the whole career mode is all about....however one disadvantage is that when u finally get enough funds and are managing a decent team, all the known good players are already retired.....so you really dont get enough time to play them in your team....


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Hmm.. as @sahil says,
it is actually not fun using Trainers to get loads of goodies :(

It is exciting to play properly... ;)

BTW, @sahil, just buy a player when u have money for just one... dont save money :lol:

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