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need help building new rig


Broken In
I have a budget of 30k i have already bought p8 z77 vle motherboard(DO NOT INCLUDE ITS PRICE IN THE BUDGET)
now i am searchin for RAM , processor , GPU, PSU, cabinet.
i will use it mainly for gaming eg COD , HITMAN, BATTLE FIELD , CRYSIS 2 etc.
deadline is jan end.
i will buy the products locally or through internet (whichever is cheaper)
i live in bangalore.


i5 3570k-13.5k
Gskill ripjawx 1600 4gb-1.5k
Seasonic s12ii 520w-4k
Zotac 650ti-11k
Corsair 400r-5k

Comes to 35k,over your budget but good rig.


Why So Serious ???
Just change PSU to Corsair GS600.. will cost only 400 rs more.
Sometime back there was shortage of Seasonic PSUs and questions were being asked about whether buyers will get replacement or not in case of RMA cases. I'm not sure whats the current situation though.


I like rock2702's suggestion. But you can cut down the price on cabinet and get nvidia 660 instead. NXZT Gamma is a nice choice for the cabinet at 2.5k
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