I'm looking to buy a new speaker for my laptop (inspiron 15r se). I already have a creative t6160 5.1 speaker for my desktop. But now that I'm in hostel I need something good for my laptop. I'm not much of an audiohead and I don't quite feel any difference between my 5.1 creative above mentioned and sony home theater 6.1(?) setup back in my home. But I hope this time I'd feel better from this buy.
I watch lot of movies,play games almost everyday and of course music. I'd love some decent bass but don't need too much volume since I'm in a small single room in hostel.
My budget is 4k but if it's REALLY worth it could add a little more. I hope you know what's the best for me. Please point out if any more information is needed. That's it. Thank you very much for reading....

Forgot to add, I'd prefer purchase it online. So it would be extremely helpful if you can suggest few sites good for the deal.


Since no one is responding I did a research of my own. Found Edifier C2 to be a good choice. It has got nice reviews everywhere. One question, I can just connect it to my speakers right? Only one 3.5mm audio socket of my laptop will be enough right? I'm asking because I read somewhere it has got RCA input or something. After buying I don't want to run again for cables and stuffs. Also seriously my friend is using logitech of around 1.5k. Can you assure me I will get better quality?
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