Manchester United to sign Henrik Larsson? correct?

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Manchester United

Old is gold.:cool: By the way, I thought it would have been better if my favourite club signed someone younger like Fernando Torres from Athletico Madrid.:cool: That was a pre-season speculation.


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buddha ho gaya hai larson kitne season khelega .... paisa waste but alex knows best


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just a ten week deal, dunno what he's gonna do within -- sit at the sidelines

alex would use him as a backup for his main strikers


Hw will do what he did for barca...come and play for 15-20 min and give it desperate situations...and hit goal.....HOW can i forget BARCA vs ARSENAL champions cup finale :x :x :x......might turn out to be good deal...also where manu have strikers???
What if rooney and saha get injured....ole is always in hospital...probably has like someone in hospital ;)....
so larson will act as BACKUP

@digitized (this is not personal attack as u can feel that anytime........but u can -ve rep me if u feel so... :D )

If u have been following footbal and say ur MANU fan....Wenger and fergusson never sign any players in jan window...what they want they do it in june. and this just a loan deal


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I always like Larsson a lot
Great Header of the ball and Ultimate Passing abilities make him a lethal weapon
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