Htc explorer or xperia tipo??


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I want to buy a new phone under 9.5-10k.
Which wold be better xperia tipo Or Htc explorer?
I heard that xperia tipo has touch problem? Is it true?
& HTC explorer has less internel memory...
I want phone for playing games & chating....
HTC explorer can run games like modern combat 3, Nova 3 but can xperia tipo run it?/??
Which is better???


Xperia Tipo is basically a music smartphone and HTC Explorer is a "real smartphone". So as far as what choices you have is concerned, it should be the Xperia Tipo as the quality of the product and the Sound is top-notch.

The "Geeky" reason is that it offers a 800 MHz Processor insted of the 600 MHz that HTC gives you and IMO, that is the main reason as your demands are Games and Chatting of which chatting can be done but for games you need hell of a processor.

Let others flow in here...


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Tipo!!!! :)

take an htc explorer,replace its 90 mb storage with 2.5 gb storage,
replace gingerbread with ICS and overclock the processsor to 800 mhz..what you get is an xperia tipo :)
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