1. root.king

    extracting audio from .exe

    guys just 5days back i had downloaded a .exe file (81kb)when i click on it, it plays a nice tune and i want to extract it.. Today i used 'resource hacker' but i cant able to extract that audio file its saying the file compiled by an exe compiler,what can i do guys.
  2. soyab0007

    Getting problem in opening .Exe files

    I scanned my computer with microsoft security essentials and found 3 virus which includes svchost.exe After removing virus when i open any .exe files or installed application I get the below error.. I tried to system restore @ earlier state but nothing happened, files are opening when I...
  3. SlashDK

    all .exe being opened by notepad

    I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit edition on my PC. For some reason all the .exe files are being opened by notepad. That means I can't open any program at all. Other extensions work fine and thats why I'm being able to open firefox (by using a saved webpage). Is it a virus attack? Please...
  4. evewin89

    W32.Ramnit worm. please help

    W32.Ramnit worm. please help hello guyz.......recently my pc. got infected by a virus (or spyware) known as W32.Ramnit i scanned my computer with Norton 360 and nod32, norton detected it but its not able to remove the virus so i formatted my os partition and then reinstalled xp but then also...
  5. Quad Core

    how to deploy java app??

    hi 2 al, recently developed a java app (j2se), i need to convert it in2 a .exe hw 2 do?? :sad:
  6. P

    .exe virus trouble. Plz help

    A virus has infected my pc. Most of the folders in my computer gets cloned with .exe version. And when i delete it, it again returns back. Is there a solution to delete the .exe files permanently?
  7. S

    exe to setup creation

    Hi guys I have developed one s/w with vb as front end and oracle as back end, so i have the .exe file.now i want to convert .exe file to setup file. Is there any way to convert .exe to setup file...or some softwares:lol:
  8. N

    Urgent : Trojan virus problem:

    Im using a winows sp2 & a virus(expected trojan) has infected system 32 & other software files containg its self made .exe files..... which are present upto now even after complete harddisk format. tell me wat i have to do to recover frm this & is their any tweak tat work through registry to...
  9. zegulas

    How to make .exe files in Visual Basic 6.0?

    Well thats it! I was able to make a .exe file in Visual Basic 2008, but I can't see any such options in 6.0!
  10. S

    Reading Pdf and .exe files on nokia 3110c

    Is it possible to read .exe and pdf files on nokia 3110c? If so, how
  11. toofan

    On which programe to open the .exe file

    friends i had make a mistake and I changed my one .exe file to open with notepad.Now all the exe files are opening in notepad. Which programme should i chose to open them the default way. Its creating a lot of problems. I restarted my pc and now most of the services are starting at note pad...
  12. hariharakumar

    installing Wine in Ubuntu will trigger Windows .EXE virus files?

    I am new to Ubuntu, i just want to install some windows applications in Ubuntu using Wine, i am afraid that virus or torjans that have .EXE extension may also run in Ubuntu. I need help, installing Wine will trigger any autorun .EXE programs?
  13. Zangetsu

    Is it possible!!!

    Hi, i need 2 rename some 50 files 2 the same type in one Go! :D e.g: suppose i have 50 files(.text) in one folder and i need 2 all of them 2 b .dll or .exe...:cool:
  14. H

    Need help with Resource Hacker

    Hi. I modified a .exe file to what I need for it to say. I basicaally only changed the words and the icon. I wonder if its possiable to change the color/layout of the .exe file. For example. Change the background color? Change the words color? Also I wonder if its possiable to add a picture...
  15. A

    How to change the icon of .exe file that I created in Visual Basic 2005

    I am using Visual Studio 2005.I am learning Visual Basic. And today I made a very simple project.I also created .exe file. My .exe file do not have any fashioned icon. I wanna change its icon. Please tell me how to do it?
  16. rohitshubham


    hey there any one can tell that if .exe extension can be opened in ubuntu 7.10 how
  17. Zangetsu


    Hello all, I have some Questions regarding this viruses/worms/Trojan etc :D Q1: If a .exe infecting virus enters ur system then it will affect all .exe files except those which r Read Only ? Is this True. :D
  18. Flashbang

    Installation help

    I have a program that requires some additional tools to be installed.Is there anyway to change the .exe file of installer to install it without those tools.They are not necessary.
  19. Amir.php

    Converting .exe files to .jpg

  20. nims11

    virus attack

    my computer has been filled up with viruses. all the '.exe' files are being detected as a "win32:sality" virus, even explorer.exe and notepad. when i install a new program, the ".exe" file of that program gets affected by this virus and is detected as a virus. even my avast home edition given in...
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