1. W

    After 33 attempts, 51-year-old clears SSC

    Source: Telangana: After 33 attempts, 51-year-old clears SSC | Hyderabad News - Times of India Now this is determination :lol: @ico @Desmond David @Vyom @Cyberghost @Nerevarine @SaiyanGoku @chimera201
  2. S

    GRE or GMAT?

    My cousin is willing to take MS in abroad. So which exam is Good, GRE or GMAT?
  3. A

    Indian History Exam Test Papers

    Hi, I have looking for the latest Indian history exam test papers. A couple of hours' research helped me in reaching out to some useful forums such as Indian Study Hub, GK Series, India Bix and SSC Exam guide but I am looking for papers with greater number of MCQs. Your help in this regard...
  4. Zangetsu

    At age 82, 'student' fails class 10 exam for 47th time

    Shiv Charan, 82, who appeared in the Rajasthan Board's Class 10 exam for the 47th time a few months back, has failed once again. In the early years of his life, he vowed to marry only after getting through the examinations. "Till the time I am alive I will go on giving the exam," Shiv...
  5. dashang

    regarding mh-cet exam

    hello, when is mh-cet exam for MBA are held ? Once or twice a year ? and when ?
  6. M

    sbi clerk exam

    how can we pass sbi clerk bank exam? What kind of preparetion should do?
  7. Revolution

    Books For RRB Technician Gr.III (Electrician) Recruitment Exam

    Hi, Need help! I'm preparing for upcoming RRB Technician Gr.III (Electrician) Recruitment Exam 2014. Please suggest me. Which book should I read ? Where can I get get model Q&A paper of previous exams.
  8. ashs1

    SSC Study Materials

    Hi guys.. I just Finished my registration for the SSC CGL exams 2014 ( Staff Selection Commission - Combined Graduate Level ) The exams are scheduled at around last week of April.. This would be my First attempt. Can you guys recommend any books from which i can practice ?? Most of...
  9. CommanderShawnzer

    PC vs Console v2.0

    A new console generation,And a New Flame War..... This thread is to discuss about PC vs Next-Gen consoles(PS4,Xbone,Wii U) I'm gonna get a PS4,F**K the Master Race! Sorry for the small OP.I have my CS exam tomo so i have to revise.Will elaborate the OP tomorrow LET THE CARNAGE BEGIN!
  10. utkarsh73

    How to proceed & prepare for OCPJP exam?

    I have been familiar with Java for a while now and I m looking forward to take the OCPJP certification exam. Please guide me about the books and materials needed to pass the certification exam. I have completed Head First Java and have a good grasp on most of the topics covered in the book...
  11. X

    Best colleges for B Pharm?

    Hey guys, I have decided on pursuing pharma as my career but I am not sure which college to opt for. I think I have already secured a good enough score in the Manipal exam for getting in there(Rank ~1400). I have also given exams for NMIMS and MT CET(Maharashtra CET) and, will probably appear...
  12. S

    RHCSA exam help

    Hai technocrats, please help me in giving some information regarding REDHAT CERTIFIED SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR exam in hyderabad. where to register for the examination and also suggest me some latest books for studying. Thanks in advance for your help. Sudip hansraj
  13. R

    Oracle Certified Java Programmer Exam ? Some basic questions and doubts.

    Hello Everyone, I'm a Computer Science Engineering student (3rd year) with intermediate knowledge of Java. I wish to take the "Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 7 Programmer -1Z0-803 " exam. So please guide me through the following points : 1. How good is it for an CS engineering...
  14. clmlbx

    I have not received microsoft certification even after two months of Exam .. so what to do?

    Hello Guys, I gave Microsoft Exam on 1 march 2013.. I was Informed that I will receive my certificate in around 45 Days.. but unfortunately I have not received it yet. I went to Institute where I gave that Exam and they say They can't do anything.. look onto the website. Please can someone...
  15. Revolution

    WB Polytechnic VOCLET Exam

    Hi, Can any one give me info regarding WB Polytechnic VOCLET Exam 2013 ? Can anyone confirmed if POLY40 still exists or not ? I want to know what kind/type of questions have to face for that exam. What kind of book or note need to be followed. I am not connected with study from long time so got...
  16. M

    ccna exam prepration

    CCNA exam can be given in two ways, in two parts ie. ICND1 and ICND2 or through a single exam. Does both has same values, if it is then i think it is better to be given in two parts as the load will be less and passing probability will increase. Can anyone kindly provide CCENT or CCNA dumps. My...
  17. R

    Rhce certification training

    Hi everyone, Im new to linux, and I practiced well & now I feel I can take certification RHCE. One of my friend was telling in order to attend the RHCE certification go to the partner training center where you will get lab experience , mock papers ,and also hands off. So Im searching for...
  18. digit i am thinking

    Online/offline Exam software

    Hi Any one know any free online/offline exam software in which i just have to add questions and multiple choices. which can run on individual PCs. :|
  19. pramudit

    need info about backstage pass school of gaming

    i was searching for college with a degree program for btech in game development and i found backstage pass in digit ft... can anyone tell about its reputation, placement and entrance exam...? i am currently giving 12th exam and want to join good game developnent college....
  20. theserpent

    Rrr....Dam these strikes

    I had my computer exam tom..And now its postponed to march 5 :-x:-x i dont have any exam still march 2nd now.3rd is hindi.. Why do these people strikes :-x:-x:evil::evil::evil:
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