After 33 attempts, 51-year-old clears SSC


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Source: Telangana: After 33 attempts, 51-year-old clears SSC | Hyderabad News - Times of India
HYDERABAD: Thirty-three attempts and a pandemic later, Mohammed Nooruddin, has finally managed to make his dream come true — of clearing the SSC examination. This, thanks to the Telangana government’s decision to promote all SSC students for the 2019-2020 academic year.
Nooruddin’s long journey towards securing a Class 10 certificate started in 1987, when the now 51-year-old, first appeared for the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) test from Model High School in Musheerabad. The state was still united Andhra Pradesh, NT Rama Rao was chief minister, and tennis champion Sania Mirza had not even celebrated her first birthday yet.
However, the Urdu medium student’s poor grasp on the English language, crashed his hopes. Nooruddin failed the English paper.
But the bump on the road, couldn’t shake his determination. Since then, he has been appearing the exam every year though luck failed to smile on him until now.
He never managed to secure 35 marks (out of 100) required to pass the English paper.
“I got married in 1994, and many people suggested that I stop making the effort to clear the test. But I maintained the tempo and got through this year,” said Nooruddin who enrolled for the SSC exams from the open category this year, since he had missed the last date for paying the fee to appear as a regular candidate.
While he had signed up to write all the papers this year, he couldn’t appear for any owing to the pandemic. The government came to his rescue, when it decided to pass all candidates who had paid the fee.
Not surprisingly, Nooruddin is a thrilled man. “I am ecstatic. By God’s grace I have sailed through it,” said the SSC-pass who works as a security guard at Anjuman Model High School. Interestingly, his daughter — one of four children — has completed her BCom with English as the medium of instruction.
While he didn’t have a SSC certificate, Nooruddin passed the ‘Fazil’ exam conducted by Idara-e-Adabiyat-e-Urdu (Urdu Literature) in 1994 and also did some courses from Jamia Nizamia, India’s famous Islamic institution.

Now this is determination :lol:
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So, he passed the exam since all students were promoted. Not exactly thrilled, but boy now he can sleep peacefully, perhaps.


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English is one of the most easiest languages to learn man. Might be that his brain cells simply wasn't interested in learning English.


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English is one of the most easiest languages to learn man. Might be that his brain cells simply wasn't interested in learning English.
It depends, I have seen friends struggling with english(though not this badly) who completed their entire pre-college education in Hindi with good grasp on science subjects. I guess if person is exposed to english(or for that matter any other language) then it becomes easier later for that person to learn that language or that person has genuine interest in that language for stuff like movies,books etc.
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