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  1. V

    sony mdr ex 100lp or Creative EP-630

    me owning sony nwz 172 walkman and i am cofused on seeing the reviews please make a score card for this on the basis ... first score for sony and next for creative comfort long time wearing tangle free crystal clearness(all sounds includes metal sound) noise cancellation weight...
  2. P

    Best sounding inner earphones under 500 rupees

    Hi Friends, Need a suggestion for best sounding inner earphones with thumping bass. I have already creative ep630 need better than that can expand my budget upto 1k. Need one with Mic
  3. Cool Buddy

    Creative EP630 or Soundmagic PL13

    OK, so I'm buying a headphone to go with my Nokia 5230. I want in-ear types, like the EP630. So I was browsing through lynx-india and found 2 options. One of course is the Creative EP630 which is Rs. 675+tax+shipping = 787. And I have recently heard a lot about soundmagic headphones. So had a...
  4. X

    Earbuds better than Creative's EP 630!!!

    Hey everyone...!!! Need some suggestions here.. My earphones are dead and i am planning to buy a new pair of them... i was previously using Creative's EP630... And now since i m buying a new set of earphones... i would prefer something better than the EP630... My budget can go upto 2.5k...
  5. X

    Earphones better than Creative EP630...

    Hey everyone...!!! Need some suggestions here.. My earphones are dead and i am planning to buy a new pair of them... i was previously using Creative's EP630... Was a brilliant experience with it... The bass, the fitting... everything was kind'a perfect... And now since i m buying a new...
  6. F

    In ear Headphones

    Hi I have been using ep630 for over 2 years and was happy with them until they broke down recently. Now i am looking for a replacement. My requirements are: Should be in-ear I generally listen to 192 kbps songs in indian classical and metal genres I dont care for a punchy bass, rather i dont...
  7. D

    Sony MDR Ex35LP or Creative Ep630/ 830 ?

    i have to choose between these three earphones within a week- sony mdr ex35lp, creative ep630 & creative ep830. which one would be best? i mostly listen to rock & metal & i will be using them with my transcend mp3 player.if anyone owns these, please provide a review as well, since i can't find a...
  8. Ihatemyself

    EP630 price in delhi?

    I am getting ep630 for rs 950 from Nehru place(delhi)...its available in only one shop(dont remember the name)...the dealer says its price has increased...can anyone confirm that??...does anyone know a place where it is cheaper.
  9. eggman

    Best EARPHONE within rs. 1000....apart from EP630

    The thread title has my needs!!! Please suggest earphones and only earphones. My current ep630 has got a little left right balance problem and it annoys me!!!Can't listen to it Noone??? Atleast tell some way to correct the left-right sound imbalance that I now have on my ep-630...
  10. S

    Earphone Dilemma

    Hiee guys....i am plannin on buyin a set of earplugs for my mp3 player i cant decide between the EP630 and SONY Fontopia In-Ear Headphones Twin Turbo MDR-ED12LP....i have a budget of 1200 can anyone suggest better ones......is there anythng better than the EP630 for that price....i have prefer...
  11. S

    Does EP630 sound quality change with pairing

    I had a doubt regarding pairing of headphones Does the quality of sound given by the ep630 change when a different handsfree is used i.e; Does EP630 sound different with an HPM 82 than with a HPM 70? I am thinking of buying EP630 and a lower quality (chinese) HPM 70 for use with my Sony...
  12. chanchalchatt

    mention me a good head phone

    please mention me a good headphone. can ep630 add with computer ? can ep630 add with nokia 3500 classic? :padvanced thanks:eek:
  13. syedshaz77

    Ep630 For Sale - Bangalore Only

    THREE MONTH OLD (ALMOST UNUSED) EP630 FOR SALE RS 450.:p WITH BOX. BANGALORE ONLY.serious buyers contact...:)
  14. T

    just bought ep630 for 650rs

    i bought a creative ep630 from mahavir electronics on lamington rd in mumbai. i got it for 650rs. which is really cheap. he gae me a shop bill said no warranty. the packaging looks like it is genuine coz i have seen my friends ep630 which he got with his dell xps lappy. well a review of the...
  15. abhi.eternal

    Creative EP-630

    i have decided that i am going to get a ep630 (original:cool:). but problem is i need it by tomorrow as i'll be leaving for shillong. can anyone tell me where can i get a white piece in b'lore or guwahati and how much will it cost me. in the feedback thread i think it was mentioned somewhere...
  16. Ambar

    EP-630 feedback needed...

    hey i would be gratefull if anyone could post a creative ep630 review.....feedbacks are also apperiaciated..:)
  17. D

    Availability of EP630 in PUNE

    Guys , Please let me know any shop in PUNE where I can get Creative EP630 earphones. Thanks
  18. esumitkumar

    are ipod earphones better than creative ep630 ?

    guys i was thinking of buying earphones for my MOTO ROKR E6 ..but im confused b/w ipod earphones vs creative ep630...i had ipod previously and seriously ipod earphones are full jhakassss.....dunno abt ep630 somebody enlighten me TIA sumit
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