1. Cyberghost


    Firewatch is a single-player first-person mystery set in the Wyoming wilderness. The year is 1989. You are a man named Henry who has retreated from his messy life to work as afire lookout in the Wyoming wilderness. Perched high atop a mountain, it’s your job to look for smoke and keep the...
  2. Anorion

    Cleaner atmosphere means more Arctic sea-ice melt, study says

    :facepalm: *www.adn.com/article/20151122/cleaner-atmosphere-means-more-arctic-sea-ice-melt-study-says
  3. Anorion

    Environment vs Development

    The new government's focus on development and economic progress is turning out to be at the cost of the environment One issue is the allotment of coal blocks, which was on hold because of the scam but it is going to go back on auction soon. These mines are in heavily forested areas. Also the...
  4. Akintex

    Need info about hp pavilion 15 b003tu

    Need info about hp pavilion 15- b003tu. Laptop. It has 1.5 ghz intel 987 cpu Is it good for multi tasking ? multi tab browsing.? And I will use android dev program eg environment eclips. And some image editing app photosop cs5? Pls suggest me.:confused:
  5. S

    need help in setting environment variable

    i tried to install some software but during installation error occurs which says "xcopy not recognized as internal or external command". i tried something with environment variables but didnt work properly. how can i fix it?? i use a windows 8 pc
  6. T

    Environment friendly Refrigerator.

    I work in an industry that is related to renewable energy and environment conservation. In keeping with this, I want to buy a refrigerator that is most environment friendly. Any suggestions?
  7. Sathish

    can 32 bit programs utilize more memory while running in 64 bit environment??

    Hi..s, I am not a professional coder and i do not have in-depth knowledge about memory addressing. Recently i have decided to upgrade my Window 7 to 64bit. Now i have a doubt that whether a 32 bit program can utilize more ram memory (i.e. >4GB) while running in 64 bit environment? If so, any...
  8. NewsBytes

    A look at Gnome 3

    Introduction Gnome 3 desktop UI The message tray Activities view Window Management Conclusion Gnome 3 is a major new update to the Gnome desktop environment that redefines the desktop interface entirely. The Gnome developers have left no stone unturned, and have come up with new...
  9. vickybat

    Dell takes packaging to the next level.

    Read the article below guys. Its very interesting and dell is indeed paying a lot attention to the environment. Others should follow this and should be a standard. Article
  10. F

    server activation issue

    I have a genuine copy of windows server 2008 and i have installed it in a virtual environment using oracle virtualbox. i have also activated it successfully. my question is that can i install the same copy of windows server 2008 in the real environment, i.e in my laptop and activate it?? or do i...
  11. bbalegere

    Recovery Environment in an unattended Windows DVD

    When you boot an unattended Windows DVD(which contains autounattend.xml), you are directly taken to the installation routine.There is no option to launch the recovery environment.However I found a way of accessing Windows Recovery Environment from the unattended DVD. Read it here...
  12. Nuxer

    Fedora 11 is Here!

    After a two-week delay, the Fedora Project team finally announced, two minutes ago, the release of Fedora 11, also known as Leonidas. The multitude of new features and improvements in this new version made the waiting time seem even longer, especially for dedicated fans. Well, at least the buzz...
  13. G

    World Environment Day

    Today June 5 is World Environment Day..pls do something today to avoid any harms we cause to environment GO Green! Reduce-Reuse-Recycle ..Save the Environment n Global Warming Use Public Transport instead of Motorcycle/Car/etc Plant some trees if possible or else atleast water some Dont...
  14. S

    please help:javasdk installation on linux

    thiis is my first post here.... i need help in installing javasdk on my linux opensuse 8.0 i have the bin file, followed instructions on the net and installed in /usr/java directory. now comes the problem of setting the environment variables:: wen i set d environment variables it runs perfectly...
  15. V

    jdbc connection with oracle

    hi folks i want to connect java application program with oracle 10g express edition . i tried hell lot of times but it showing classnotfound exception.i dont know which driver to use whether oci or thin driver.i also set classpath for oracle14.jar in environment varibles.i dont know wats the...
  16. Zangetsu

    Is this true..

    Hi.... I've read in Digit while in a 3D game the objects/models r created dynamically i.e when u go from an area A 2 area B then the environment is created b4 dat isnt.....:cool: DO u all agree with this principle...:| I dont.....:D
  17. praka123

    GNOME Developer Kit: much easier than building from SVN

    By Ryan Paul | Published: December 14, 2007 - 03:27PM CT The difficulty and frustration of building GNOME from source is a major impediment for many new contributors. Installing the dependencies, getting the tools working, and compiling major components of the desktop environment is a...
  18. soumya

    Free utility condenses Windows Vista from 15GB to 1.4GB

    A Croatian college student has created a utility that installs a seriously stripped-down Windows Vista, saying the heft of Microsoft's biggest desktop OS was just too big to believe. "Who can justify a 15GB operating system?" asked Dino Nuhagic, a fifth-year student from Split, a Croatian...
  19. S

    compiz-fusion on opensuse 10.3??

    hi i hv installed opensuse 10.3. 'n' i wanna install compiz fusion on this distro 'n' wanna watch the 3d desktop environment plz help me. b'coz i'm running ubuntu 7.10 with full 3d desktop environment with the help of digitforum guys... so this time also plz help me to do this on opensuse 10.3...
  20. S

    how to change gnome to kde environment?

    i hv installed ubuntu 7.10 .... default it instll gnome environment 'n' i also want to change to kde plz tell me ragading this. i hv installed it from the digit dvd also tell me it consist of the dvd or cd ubuntu version. also tell me how can i chane the environment ftom kde to gnome 'n'...
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