1. S

    Participate in Developer Premier League

    What is DPL, Developer Premier League? Developer Premier League 2013 is a novel contest that tests your knowledge, skills and business acumen. It is an opportunity for you and your team members to demonstrate your expertise in enterprise project planning, development and decision making...
  2. bhutanesedude

    Enterprise Network

    I request the experts to comment on Enterprise Network. Anything about it. As like how it is made, what materials are required, total expenditure would it cost (Estimate) and others. I would also like to know its advantages and disadvantages. Please help me. Tried googling but could not find on.
  3. S

    RHEL Version 7 To Come By Late 2013

    Hi! Source: efytimes
  4. techbulb

    Windows 8x9

    There will be 9 versions of windows8 1.windows 8 enterprise edition 2. windows 8 enterprise eval edition 3. windows 8 home basic edition 4. windows 8 home premium edition 5. windows 8 arm edition 6. windows 8 professional edition 7. windows 8 professional+ edition 8. windows 8 starter edition...
  5. The Sorcerer

    Western Digital Velociraptor (WD6000HLHX-01JJPVD) 600GB SATA 6Gb/s Drive

    WD sends in a Velociraptor with a SATA 6Gb/s interface... Mighty big teeth with Mighty fast drive (for a mechanical drive) with the mighty SATA III interface. Enterprise class drives are used in environments which requires access 24/7 and fast enough access without denting the...
  6. utkarsh007

    Micosoft enterprise

    I want to get some knowledge about microsoft enterprise like what is it? What are its uses? Is it a different os? Can it be installed on a pen drive? etc..
  7. K

    Windows 7 enterprise with Basic or premium key

    Hi, I installed win7 enterprise edition from the digit jan2010 DVD which has got a trial period of 90 days. I am planning to buy a win7 home basic/premium copy after that period. Can I apply the home basic/premium key to my existing installation of win 7, or will I need to freshly install win 7...
  8. celldweller1591

    Canonical Releases Landscape 1.5

    Ubuntu has taken the Linux world by storm on the desktop, but, for the enterprise market, it is still an up-and-comer. The open-source operating system is evolving to meet the requirements of this market as well and has proven especially popular for cloud applications. The Ubuntu Enterprise...
  9. S

    Need info abt Red hat & fedora

    I want to know what is the diff. between fedora & Redhat Enterprise edition of linux.?
  10. desiibond

    Microsoft selling Office 2007 enterprise for 600 bucks (in my office)

    This is a terrific deal. MS Office 2007 Enterprise edition for 600 bucks :) Does anyone know what the market price is for the same?
  11. H

    VMware WorkStation ACE Edition version 6.0.0

    I have installed Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 on VMware. I am getting the following problem when i try to start the Virtual machine "Cannot open the disk 'C:\Users\HOshang varshNEY\Desktop\rhel4\Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.vmdk' or one of the snapshot disks it depends on. Reason: Insufficient...
  12. P

    Explorer.exe Disabled in Vista Enterprise

    I am using Vista Enterprise Edition. When I log on, desktop does not appear, for this to happen , i have to open task manager and run the file 'Explorer.exe'. Then desktop appears. Whats the problem.
  13. 2

    JAX India 2009: International Conference on Java Technologies April 06-10, Bangalore,

    Friends, We invite you to JAX India 2009, India’s largest independent conference on enterprise Java technologies. The premier Java event is annually held in Germany, Singapore, and Indonesia as well, besides India. JAX India 2009 is an ideal forum for software developers, project...
  14. B

    Seagate Introduces World’s Fastest, Greenest Enterprise Hard Drive

    Seagate® Introduces World’s Fastest, Greenest Enterprise Hard Drive 15K-rpm ! Thats amazing. I wonder when it will be available in stores.
  15. comp@ddict

    Intel Unveils Most POWERFUL CHIP

    The WORLD's largest Chipmaker Intel Corporation on Tuesday unveiled its most powerful SIX-CORE microprocessor designed and developed at its India development centre. The 45nm chip boasts of 1.9 BILLION transistors, six processing cores and 16MB of shared memory in the XEON family. The...
  16. CadCrazy

    Major Upgrade: Sun's VirtualBox 2.0 Released

    xVM VirtulaBox 2.0, Sun's open source, free and very efficient virtualization tool has been released yesterday, together with Sun xVM VirtualBox Software Enterprise Subscription, with support for enterprise users. This release is a major upgrade as it brings 64-bit guest OS, a new and improved...
  17. Dark Star

    Linux captures the 'green' flag, beats Windows 2008

    Source : Linux captures the 'green' flag, beats Windows 2008 power-saving measures - Network World
  18. Cyrus_the_virus

    HP to sell Linux laptops and PCs

    Novell's Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop operating system of choice. Tom Sanders (WebWereld Netherlands) 18/03/2008 13:28:20 HP is planning to introduce desktop and laptop computers that come with Novell's Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop operating system preinstalled. Systems are...
  19. A

    ipmessenger for linux

    Can anyone please point me to ipmessenger installer for redhat enterprise linux 4
  20. aryayush

    Microsoft Patenting the iPhone

    Pictured here is Microsoft's great new patent application on a portable touchscreen device's user interface, filed within days of a certain cellphone going on sale. Look familiar? Well, my spite and disdain is all spent: we're at the point where such patent filings are neither good nor bad...
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